School police officer accused of child sex trafficking

April 27, 2016

barscuffsInvestigators arrested a police officer employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District on Wednesday for sex trafficking of a child.

On April 20, Mauricio Edgardo Estrada, 28, responded to a Craigslist ad offering sex with children for money.What Estrada did not know was that some of his fellow law enforcement officers had placed the ad in an attempt to snare child predators

Estrada then engaged in a series of text messages with an undercover agent he thought was a 15-year-old girl, according to the indictment. Estrada agreed to pay $150 to have sex with the “girl.”

In preparation for the encounter, Estrada purchased condoms.

When he arrived at a gas station in Artesia where he planned to engage in sexual acts with with the girl, Estrada had approximately $150 in his pocket. He was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and subsequently released from county jail after posting bond.

Estrada surrendered himself to authorities after he was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury. The two-count indictment charges Estrada with attempted sex trafficking of a child and use of the Internet to induce a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The case against Estrada is the result of an undercover operation by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, which includes representatives of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service.

“It’s deeply troubling when those sworn to protect our kids, are accused of an act that violates every tenet of the oath they pledged to uphold,” said Joseph Macias, special agent in charge for HSI Los Angeles. “The reality is that the defendants in child exploitation cases come from all walks of life and access to children is all too often the common denominator.”

Estrada is expected to be arraigned on the indictment Wednesday afternoon in United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles. Both of the charges in the indictment carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison and statutory maximum sentence of life.

Last week, a San Pedro man was indicted on charges of attempted sex trafficking of a child and use of the Internet to induce a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity. Joshua Paul Crouch allegedly sought to have sex with a 13-year-old girl after responding to an advertisement on

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I have to laugh. Never ceases to amaze me how many low-intellect, mouth-breathing backward-thinking dolts we have in this area…


…and how often many of them are employed by the government…


Holy Dateline NBC! Incredibly disturbing particularly given his access to children. Hopefully nothing happened to the kids that he was charged with protecting. Likely wishful thinking.


What’s the big deal? Apparently society has decided it is okay for dudes who think they are women to urinate next to little girls…anything goes.


Ummmm, yeah, because urinating next to a dude who thinks they are a woman is just like getting raped, yeah exactly the same. I remember that time I had to urinate near a man, yeah it was just like that time I was physically assaulted and raped…yeah, pretty much the same thing….geez.


Typical hysterical response that completely misses my point. Probably happens quite a bit with you, doesn’t it?

Rich in MB

When we keep lowering the bar on what is normal and celebrated sexual behavior as a culture more and more sexual deviants emerge. It’s the natural progression of a society in moral decay. It isn’t popular or politically correct to say it…but speaking truth to power never is popular.


Well put.


I don’t know of anyone who celebrates pedophilia or sex trafficking. If you’re making a veiled reference to homosexuality please do some research about what true “deviance” is all about.


Rich is saying that morality is sliding down a slippery slope where what used to be wrong is now right. Like men using women’s bathrooms mandated by law. If you had told me 20 years ago that a gold medal decathlete would be celebrated and paid millions to transform himself into a woman without actually transforming himself into a woman I would not have believed it and that he is entitled to share the women’s locker room at the local gym with 11 year old girls.

I would not be surprised if legalizing sex with children happen in the next 20 to 30 years. Pedophiles just need to find the right way to market their behavior and figure out a way to make opposition to their behavior punishable. Then they are home free.


I agree with laftch Rich. What has become “normal and celebrated” in this Godless culture has a direct correlation to the sinful and shameful actions of the populace. Gov’t, [namely progressives], due to their own despicable desires have fomented this type activity. They no longer give a hoot about whom they are supposed to serve. We the American people.

Gov’t cannot and will never be able to legislate morality. That is built into our very being from God our Creator. Because they believe they are gods, they pass ungodly laws to keep themselves in power. One only has to look at the “transgender” bathroom policy that Target has enacted. Not only Target, but the Godless Jerry Browns bill as well. Throw out God from our Country/World and you throw out not only common decency, but the TRUTH as well.

Readers! Gods wrath is coming upon an unbelieving world very soon. Rebuff the Godless left. Repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. He is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”. No one comes to the Father but by Him.



Technically speaking, it is the Overton Window to which you refer. It has been sliding into dangerous territory for years now.