SLO County motorcycle stunt irks law enforcement, video

April 18, 2016

A video showing a San Luis Obispo County real estate agent and former professional motocross rider driving to work has caught the attention of law enforcement.

On his way from North County to San Luis Obispo, Topher Ingalls leaps over and onto Highway 101 ramps, skids across agricultural properties and wheelies down a pedestrian street. Ingalls then rides through downtown San Luis Obispo and parks his motorbike outside Buschur Realty, his new workplace.

My Way – Topher Ingalls

The video promotes Ingalls’ transition from motocross driver to real estate sales. Ingalls posted the video to Youtube and it went viral, but he took it down after it prompted criticism. The video is still available online on other platforms.

CHP officer Patrick Seebart told the LA Times that the Templeton CHP office is reviewing the video and investigating whether any traffic laws were broken. Seebart said it is disturbing that someone would drive so carelessly on the freeway and put innocent people in danger.

Motorcycling magazine Cycle World said Ingalls created the best marketing video in years, if not ever.

what the

He pulled it from YouTube? What the…?


I’m sure the tires aren’t street legal… too knobby and him jumping off the embankment into the traffic lane is ridiculous…just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you should!!


Saw article yesterday but hadn’t seen video yet so held opinion till chance. Now I was being objective as he is professional and said no one put in danger……….well first I say see :46 of video at Home Depot off ramp. Truck comes on right after he goes by. Second yes while I agree it is cool to watch, have we all grown brain dead to reality?

With him going off freeway and over fence or jumping off ramps, there WILL be people not knowing what he is doing and while they should be paying attention to driving (as if ther isn’t enough distracted driving with phones) will be distracted by this stunt and become a hazard.

It isn’t about crying whaa it’s about using a brain instead of a peanut, for common sense. If he wants to do like most PROFESSIONALS and stunts for commercials and use CLOSED circuit (the RIGHT WAY) I’m all for it.


One thing is for certain, my morning commute is a lot more dull than his.


“I believe in myself”

“I believe in my creativity”

“I believe in my originality”

I believe you just F#@$ the rest of us Brrrraaapppers who are trying to keep it low key on aggressive dual sport bike riding in California. Hard enough to keep these bikes street legal. Crap like this will get us kicked out of DV, CC, and myriads of other amazing places. jackass

BTW-you were a pro? Next time broadcast your first run.


That was rad! Haters gonna hate though!!


Tell Mr. Topher Ingalls to check out Blake Wilkey happenings. The law goes after the Video taper. Then nails him. All in due time…….


This is for the one’s whining about this guys video. In my opinion, it is an awesome video. Well done, well thought out and performed by a skilled operator.

Whaaaa, waahhha, sniff, sniff, Whaaaa.


His actions are as idiotic as your post…. Skilled or not he doesn’t need to be putting public at risk


Waaa, Waaa all right…Sure, a great example of hooligan riding; but who, pray tell, was put at direct risk? I did not see him jumping over cars, or cutting anyone off, or causing anyone to take evasive action. A CHP once told me that if you pull out in front of someone or otherwise cause another driver to take evasive action, you have broken the law (by violating their right-of-way). I did not see that. A little over the top? Absolutely! That guy is a hell of a rider! I suspect a lot of these whiners are just jealous.

By the way, CCN: motorcycle riders do not DRIVE like cage drivers, they RIDE motorcycles!


Oh wait, I have one more big Wahhhhhhhhh. for you idiots.


real estate agent………

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