SLO County motorcycle stunt irks law enforcement, video

April 18, 2016

A video showing a San Luis Obispo County real estate agent and former professional motocross rider driving to work has caught the attention of law enforcement.

On his way from North County to San Luis Obispo, Topher Ingalls leaps over and onto Highway 101 ramps, skids across agricultural properties and wheelies down a pedestrian street. Ingalls then rides through downtown San Luis Obispo and parks his motorbike outside Buschur Realty, his new workplace.

My Way – Topher Ingalls

The video promotes Ingalls’ transition from motocross driver to real estate sales. Ingalls posted the video to Youtube and it went viral, but he took it down after it prompted criticism. The video is still available online on other platforms.

CHP officer Patrick Seebart told the LA Times that the Templeton CHP office is reviewing the video and investigating whether any traffic laws were broken. Seebart said it is disturbing that someone would drive so carelessly on the freeway and put innocent people in danger.

Motorcycling magazine Cycle World said Ingalls created the best marketing video in years, if not ever.


Our family loves off-roading–dirtbikes & quads–but even I think this guy was reckless. Creative & savvy for sure but also reckless.


Wow, what a world we live in today where everyone is so sensitive that this video of a guy riding his dirt bike to work for a promotional video has evrryone in a uproar. Property damage? Really?! A couple trails ?! I grew up here and used to ride all over north county, then these wine people started buying up all the landv and putting grapes everywhere and complaining cause people were riding bikes, Hunting and tresspassing. I’m SO sick of all these whiny little bitches driving around in their $80k cars whining about how some kids are riding bikes on their property or skateboarding on the sidewalks. Who really gives a shot a hour this guy making a promotional commercial for his job. I thought it was awesome and shows how is locals really lives and then had to confirm to the “new way” of living around here. From country living to prim and proper beca use we don’t want to “offend” you new people. Or should I say you City Folk who moved here and took over with your overpriced stores and restaurants.


Hmmm..motorcycle madness to property pimp….the perfect nexus.


Sounds like the CHP Has too Much time on there hands, to be looking into this little infraction….Our State Money Hard at WORK…….REALLY


We just lost a 16 year old girl on the 101. Maybe the CHP can work on THAT first.


If the RE company is so reckless as to hire a jerk like this do you really want to do business with them!!!

Not me. If he crashes and burns when he screws up a risky deal its my money and home on the line not his.


I’d buy a house from him.


So let me get this straight.

You want a real estate agent that cuts corners, does not respect people’s property and has no problem breaking the law. Wow


I appreciate humor and expertise.




You can tell he has taken this route many times by the ruts in the ground, I wonder who’s property he is tearing up?

If he was a professional rider, then he knows to keep that sort of riding on the track not on public roadways.

I don’t think you would catch Dale Earnhardt driving on the roads at 100 mph+ but this young punk thinks it is okay on two wheels to not obey the laws of the roads. I would say this is good riding IF it were in a controlled setting, not on roads I travel.

There is a time and place to ride like this, and going to work on public roadways is not the time or place.

Just goes to show you not everyone in California has a drivers license, but everyone seems to have a real estate license.


This dirtbag needs to pay for the damage that he has caused.

One can never go wrong in underestimating the integrity of marketing (aka, real estate) people


Yes, it would be so much better to bulldoze a few hundred acres to build more homes, roads and parking lots.