SLO County motorcycle stunt irks law enforcement, video

April 18, 2016

A video showing a San Luis Obispo County real estate agent and former professional motocross rider driving to work has caught the attention of law enforcement.

On his way from North County to San Luis Obispo, Topher Ingalls leaps over and onto Highway 101 ramps, skids across agricultural properties and wheelies down a pedestrian street. Ingalls then rides through downtown San Luis Obispo and parks his motorbike outside Buschur Realty, his new workplace.

My Way – Topher Ingalls

The video promotes Ingalls’ transition from motocross driver to real estate sales. Ingalls posted the video to Youtube and it went viral, but he took it down after it prompted criticism. The video is still available online on other platforms.

CHP officer Patrick Seebart told the LA Times that the Templeton CHP office is reviewing the video and investigating whether any traffic laws were broken. Seebart said it is disturbing that someone would drive so carelessly on the freeway and put innocent people in danger.

Motorcycling magazine Cycle World said Ingalls created the best marketing video in years, if not ever.


I think Ryan Petetit just found himself a new business partner.


Does this video mean the CHP can buy another helicopter or maybe an armored personnel carrier or two?


I’d rather have this PROFESSIONAL rider doing this around me or a NASCAR driver doing 150 mph on the freeway than have to share the roadways with the 100% of you who are so clueless as to be more of a hazard!

Kaiser Bill

Doing a dirt bike jump in front of an oncoming truck on a freeway on ramp is the definition of a dbag.

Why am I not surprised this tool sells real estate…


He completed the jump long before the truck entered the picture.


I suspect that pickup truck was part of the cast…


You are probably right, might even have been blocking traffic off camera.

Jorge Estrada

Yes very creative but I’m not encouraging copy cats. It’s been done, he was an expert and now he will likely need to sell as much as he can.

Jorge Estrada

Again this is not a stunt I’d encourage but if I needed to build a successful team, I’d want this guy on it. Sales, Hollywood or even law enforcement could use this guy. Hopefully his next stunt will be to harness his creativity on a socially correct and profitable venture. I happen to own a freeway intersection and when I choose to sell it, I want him to represent my listing.


Extra publicity provided by CHP – Priceless!


ironic that the chp is investigating someone for driving recklessly.


I saw nothing in there where he was endangering the public. The video was shot by another party who no doubt served as a spotter. Pretty cool video but yes, laws were broken. The ranches he was on were the Eagle Ranch, Spanish Oaks Ranch, and the Hendrix property up to where it adjoins Tassajara Creek Rd. before getting back on the freeway there.

No conviction can be obtained if the violations were infractions. If misdemeanors, I guess it would be possible but still seems shaky using his own video as the only evidence. What is funny is the freeaay on ramp jump was done in full view of the Templeton CHP station. Wish I was a CHP officer, it would be a fun game of cat and mouse trying to catch this guy in the act.


If you don’t have the capacity to understand that there was an inherent danger to the public then you are brainless … Oh its cool you say … and the comment about cat and mouse thereby suggesting the potential for a pursuit. I swear you have no concept of cause and effect.


Did you watch the video? I didn’t see anybody else being endangered.


SO cool. Like wow. What a hero.