CHP opts not to charge motocross realtor

May 4, 2016

The California Highway Patrol has announced it will not cite a local realtor who, on camera, jumped over and onto Highway 101 ramps, skidded across agricultural properties and wheelied down a pedestrian street. The motorcycle stunts were part of a promotional video showcasing Templeton resident Topher Ingalls’ transition from professional motocross to selling real estate.

Investigators identified vehicle code infractions throughout the video. But, the CHP is precluded from citing Ingalls because the infractions did not occur in the presence of an officer, a CHP press release states.

My Way – Topher Ingalls by Cycleworld

Ingalls, who works for Buschur Realty in San Luis Obispo, posted the promotional video on YouTube. The video went viral, but Ingalls took it down after it prompted criticism. The video is still available online on other platforms.

Officers opened an investigation into Ingalls’ stunts after an LA Times reporter sent the video to the CHP.

CHP officer Patrick Seebart said Ingalls’ maneuvers were better suited for a closed course. Seebart also said it is disturbing that someone would drive so carelessly on the freeway and put innocent people in danger.

Ingalls created the best marketing video in years, if not ever, according to motorcycling magazine Cycle World.



  1. jimmy_me says:

    Many CCN’s posts are about traffic accidents including death or injuries, that generally include alcohol in the mix. Definitely have the CHP focus their efforts on these unsafe drivers who are killing people. We need more professionals like this guy on the road. Great video; nicely done.

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  2. RUserious says:

    No they could not cite him if it was a misdemeanor. That has to be comity end in their presence too. Unless they have a valid citizen arrest

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  3. tidepool says:

    I thought the video was BRILLIANT and I will be using him on the next property I purchase!

    (2) 28 Total Votes - 15 up - 13 down
    • kayaknut says:

      Not sure I think a act of stupidity makes a person a good real estate agent. I might think differently if it was done on private property and did not generally put the public at risk.

      (5) 13 Total Votes - 9 up - 4 down
    • Jorge Estrada says:

      tidepool, I have an approx. 6 thousand square-foot building with a generational business in Taft, central business district corner location. Basement, main floor, 2nd floor historic brothel. 310K.

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  4. SLOpoker says:

    They could petition the FAA to cite him for “flying without a pilot’s license.”

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  5. ratherbefishing says:

    “Investigators identified vehicle code infractions throughout the video. But, the CHP is precluded from citing Ingalls because the infractions did not occur in the presence of an officer, a CHP press release states”

    Then why can they cite/prosecute based on CCTV at intersections and the like?

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    • Perspicacious says:

      Good question, although the CHP does not have any jurisdiction over any ticket cameras.

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  6. tomsquawk says:

    we need another real estate agent

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    • unlisted says:

      Especially one who has no regard for private property.

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      • Perspicacious says:

        No THAT is another issue with which I tend to agree with you. I wonder if he had permission from the land owners or if they are going to want trespassing/vandalism charges pressed.

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  7. Perspicacious says:

    A couple of things wrong here…the CHP had no legal grounds to charge him. They didn’t OPT not to. Also, Officer Seebart is wrong, there was no “endangering of others” anywhere on that video.

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    • Perspicacious says:

      My point about “innocent people” NOT being endangered is proven by the fact that the CHP said there were only infractions. If “innocent people” WERE endangered then it would be a misdemeanor and they could cite him.

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