Dale Gustin arrested during a disagreement at KPRL

May 4, 2016
Dale Gustin

Dale Gustin

Dale Gustin, a candidate for the San Luis Obispo County District 1 supervisor seat, was arrested Wednesday after he refused to leave the KPRL broadcasting station.

Weeks ago, KPRL staff invited the four District 1 candidates to a forum to be held live at the station from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. Gustin allegedly declined the invite, but showed up at the station Wednesday morning insisting that he be permitted to attend, several inside sources said.

Following a verbal scuffle, front desk staff told Gustin he could not attend the forum and he left, sources said.

Shortly after noon, Gustin was back at the station insisting that he be permitted to participate. After Gustin was asked to leave, he allegedly became loud and aggressive.

KPRL staff then called the Paso Robles Police Department to process a citizen’s arrest for trespassing. Officers cited Gustin, removed him from the property and released him.

Gustin gives a different accounting. Gustin said he was not invited to the debate, which he claims violated his rights as a candidate.

“They never invited me,” Gustin said. “I said, I would sue them if they didn’t correct it.”

Gustin is no stranger to controversy. In June 2014, following multiple complaints of professional misconduct, the State Bar of California ordered Gustin’s license to practice law inactive.

After a suspension, Gustin received his attorney’s license back on April 21.

Supervisor candidates who receive more than 50 percent of the vote in the June 7 primary will win the election outright. Races in which no one wins in June will end with a November runoff.

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Dale was an A-hole years ago and he’s a lawyer to boot. Nufff said.

Gustin doesn’t have a chance anyway though his nuttiness would’ve been a lively addition to the forum.

Surprisingly Hamon seemed nervous & ill-prepared. He’s a big Lisa Solomon supporter so I’ve lost respect for him.

Martin (as always) was a bit too smooth-talking. He should stick to being a mayor. Oh, and Martin proudly boasted about his Tribune endorsement so noooo way!!

Peschong–a political outsider–was the most sincere and straightforward plus he has endorsements from Debbie Arnold and Dan Dow. Peschong has my vote!

Hothead / candidate – – – not a good combination!