John Peschong is the clear choice for District 1

May 18, 2016

John Peschong


San Luis Obispo County is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Residents are passionate about preserving SLO’s unique way of life for ourselves and for the many generations to come. That is why voters seek out leaders who are equally as passionate about sustaining this region.

As a longtime Central Coast resident, I look for political candidates who are dedicated to protecting our communities, growing our economy, and promoting a fiscally responsible and accountable government. In the race to represent San Luis Obispo County’s Supervisorial District 1, John Peschong stands out as the clear choice.

Over the years, John has been a voice for hardworking families and taxpayers. He has the experience and the determination to address our problems head-on.

Rising crime, in particular, has become a constant struggle for our communities and our law enforcement officers. Gang activity is increasingly prevalent, theft is on the rise, and irresponsible legislation such as “realignment” and Prop 47 have put criminals back on our streets.

John Peschong has proven he is dedicated to strengthening our public safety – making it perfectly clear that as supervisor, he will stop at nothing to ensure our law enforcement officers are well equipped to handle the influx of threats to our security. I admire his outspoken support for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our families and I am confident that John will put our safety ahead of politics.

In addition to recent public safety threats, San Luis Obispo County must also deal with Sacramento’s constant attack on taxpayers and local control. Prop 13, which protects taxpayers and homeowners like myself, is constantly threatened by politicians who wish to tax citizens out of our governments’ problems.

As a longtime taxpayer advocate and former President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, John Peschong has dedicated his life’s work to protecting hardworking families and to restoring local control. He is an ardent supporter of Prop 13 and he is dedicated to holding government (at all levels) accountable to the people.

In addition to his work as a taxpayer advocate, Peschong co-owns a successful small business. He has extensive experience balancing a budget and creating jobs. His deep understanding of our local economy will prove valuable as our leaders continue to navigate our county through California’s sluggish economic recovery.

Not only does John have the professional experience I look for in a candidate, he also possesses the qualities of a reliable and caring leader. John’s many years of volunteer service with local youth organizations speaks volumes to his character. As a voter, I admire his compassion and his love for our community – making my decision to support his run for supervisor a whole lot easier.

Overall, John is the complete package. He offers real solutions, he has the right kind of experience, and he has proven he is dedicated to this region. I look forward to having John Peschong as my representative on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

Jan Hop is a small business owner and a San Luis Obispo County Community volunteer who lives in Paso Robles.

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I attended the symposium from three weeks ago and found Peschong and Hamon to be very similar . Hamon is stoic and almost lifeless in his stated beliefs. Peshcong is passionate in what he believes and has fire in his belly. Peschong over Hamon as a better deterrent against Hill should he returned to office.

You begin your post by saying they are similar and your entire post was about how different they are. ???

Their ideology appeared to be the same, the energy each displayed was very different.

Read it again, sorry you didn’t comprehend what I wrote

Well why didn’t you say that? I thought that might be what you meant but I didn’t want to ASSume anything.

What are you, the blog board monitor? If you are angry about your shortcomings in life, go kick your dog or beat your wife, if you can tell the difference.

John Peschong is clearly the best candidate in the 1st district.

The entire Paso Robles City Council voted in favor of the failed water district and now John Hamon indicates that “it is a misconception that my position on the water district is that I was totally for it but that is false.” He also indicates that he “brought leaders of county agriculture together with our City ……. Out of that came an Assembly Bill by Katcho.” That bill was an abomination!

Mr. Hamon you can not have it both ways – you were all in on the district which the voters soundly rejected by 75%+/-.

Steve Martin was also in favor of the water district and has never seen a tax that he was not in favor of.

Lastly, we have the Paso Robles Council candidates to thank for the abominations of 21st and 12th streets. What they are doing and will do to Paso Robles streets, is an affront to the citizens of the city.

Who is in charge in Paso Robles anyway – the council or the city staff? Council control and guidance of the city staff has been sadly lacking for sever years and we don’t want that approach transferred to the BOS!

John Peschong is by far the best candidate in part because he is not burdened with the Paso Robles Council mentality and baggage. Frank carries that baggage and he has not worked out all that well.

I wouldn’t vote for anyone on the City Council. Look at 12th and 21st street, look at what they passed last night and they are going to do the same thing on Union, and who is going to pay for the $43 million bridge for the new 5 story hotel as you make the citizens conserve water for the new construction and now you want to reduce new projects impacted fees. You all need to be tax and feathered and run out of town. The only sane one on the Council is Reid. You are all ruining Paso’s character for someone’s gain! And, get rid of the incompetent that proposed the 12th and 21st projects and solutions. It is worst than ever and why can the City plant landscaping while we, the serfs, have brown yards. Bunch of idiots running the City!


I agree. His closest competitor, John Hamon, thinks it is okay to raise the sales tax 1/2% because the last time it happened, “nobody noticed”. Steve Martin is also in favor of raising the tax as is Gustin and Gustin is a few barley grains short of a full crop.