Pismo Beach police to get 13 percent raise

May 6, 2016

Pismo BeachThe salaries of Pismo Beach police officers will increase by more than 13 percent over the next 26 months. Officers will also receive a bump in the value of their health benefits.

On Tuesday, the Pismo Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve a three-year contract agreement with the city’s police officers’ union. The memorandum of understanding grants Pismo Beach police officers an 8 percent raise, effective in July. Pismo Beach police will then receive a 2 percent raise in July 2017 and a 3 percent raise in July 2018.

Effective immediately, officers will also receive an additional $100 to $225 per month in health benefits. Incremental increases ranging from $65 to $170 per month will follow in the remaining years of the agreement.

Additionally, the city will begin paying stipends of $100 per month for police employees who have bilingual certification or emergency medical dispatcher certification.

The pay raises and benefit increases will cost the city $1.54 million over the course of the three-year agreement, according to a city staff report. Staffers say the city will be able to use money from a project general fund surplus to pay for the raises.

Pismo Beach staff says the raises are necessary because the city’s police officers are paid less than officers in comparable agencies, and the city is struggling to recruit and retain policemen. Six officers left the Pismo Beach force for higher paying positions elsewhere over the last three years, city staff says.

In 2014, six members of the Pismo Beach Police Department received base salaries of more than $100,000, according to the Transparent California database. Seventeen members of the department received more than $100,000 in total compensation in 2014.

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$100K a year to throw Valley tourists in the drunk tank. Thanks tourists, you are paying for the inflated salaries of the Pismo PD! Pismo Beach, arrive on vacation, leave on Probation.

For those complaining about the compensation, please consider whether you would, in today’s anti police climate, strap on a pistol and be willing to enter every situation regardless of the danger, knowing you have to be 100% correct 100% of the time or face public scorn. $100K per year is mid-middle class for this area. Paying cops a decent wage is good policy. If you don’t believe me check out those countries that don’t.

That is simply ridiculous you people have only given your humble, dedicated servants a pauper increase of 13%. You should be ashamed. You owe the Pismo PD so much, lawsuits involving excessive force, sexual harassment lawsuits and much more. Pony up, these fine members of the community deserve so much more.

This isn’t LA. How many times do Pismo cops have to use their weapons, even non-lethal oone?

The Pismo cops throw tourists in the drunk tank and make money off the fines. Its a Turkey shoot for them.

And there’s a anti-police climate why????

100k + is middle class???

I have 2 degrees and have been a nurse for almost 20 years. My employee reviews have been outstanding. I have stacks of letters and cards from patients. I have been hit, choked, bitten, spit on over the years. Can’t say nursing doesn’t have its risks.

So, I think I need to call up all my nurse friends and tell them we are ENTITLED to make 100k+ in order to be middle class!!!! In fact, I am going to call up all my educated friends in the area with Bachelors, Masters, even a few with PhDs and let them know they are underpaid!!!!

I will get back to you and let you all know how this goes. I am totally sure we will all get raises for SURE…..

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Pismo PD seems to be pretty well run with good cops. I like to see such behavior rewarded. On the other hand, as others have stated, there seems to be this system of spiraling compensation rates for government pay and the Pismo PD rates will undoubtedly contribute to pressure on other communities to raise their pay scales whether their departments are deserving or not and whether they can afford it or not.

If Pismo can afford the raises (including resulting pension cost increases), I guess that this raise is warranted.