Pismo Beach police to get 13 percent raise

May 6, 2016

Pismo BeachThe salaries of Pismo Beach police officers will increase by more than 13 percent over the next 26 months. Officers will also receive a bump in the value of their health benefits.

On Tuesday, the Pismo Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve a three-year contract agreement with the city’s police officers’ union. The memorandum of understanding grants Pismo Beach police officers an 8 percent raise, effective in July. Pismo Beach police will then receive a 2 percent raise in July 2017 and a 3 percent raise in July 2018.

Effective immediately, officers will also receive an additional $100 to $225 per month in health benefits. Incremental increases ranging from $65 to $170 per month will follow in the remaining years of the agreement.

Additionally, the city will begin paying stipends of $100 per month for police employees who have bilingual certification or emergency medical dispatcher certification.

The pay raises and benefit increases will cost the city $1.54 million over the course of the three-year agreement, according to a city staff report. Staffers say the city will be able to use money from a project general fund surplus to pay for the raises.

Pismo Beach staff says the raises are necessary because the city’s police officers are paid less than officers in comparable agencies, and the city is struggling to recruit and retain policemen. Six officers left the Pismo Beach force for higher paying positions elsewhere over the last three years, city staff says.

In 2014, six members of the Pismo Beach Police Department received base salaries of more than $100,000, according to the Transparent California database. Seventeen members of the department received more than $100,000 in total compensation in 2014.


The public-sector unions who are robbing us blind, aren’t just affiliated with organized-crime. The public-sector unions ARE organized-crime.


Don’t forget that increases the eventual pensions by 13% too.

Tick, tick, tick goes the debt clock.

Downtown Bob

Soon, another department will declare not high enough pay, so they will get raises and so on…until three years from now Pismo can ratchet up another pay raise. No wonder everything is so expensive! Having had to work with some of these guys from the Chief down some are very stuck on themselves and basically living their Baywatch fantasy with a few drunken valley fights mixed in during the summer.

Kaiser Bill

Your post describes the Barney Fifes who staff the Pismo PD to a T.

One Pismo cop stopped his car in front of my house, parked it on a very BUSY street in a no parking zone, and proceeded to stop and shoot the sh!t with his friend for 20 minutes. Cars were piling up behind the car and the officer until the lazy cop finally figured out that I was watching him waste taxpayer time to have a personal conversation.


Sure why not the water feels fine everyone else with a government pay check is cashing in. If you want to live the good life in America get a government job!

Mr. Holly

I’m glad that Pismo Beach was able to pay their police officers an increase in their pay. Most people do not know that it has been reported that Pismo Beach was 1 of 6 cities in California that was actually in very good financial shape. This is probably due to the tourism that the city attracts, their bed tax and sound fiscal management. At the same time they were also smart enough to contract out to CalFire avoiding negotiations with the firemen who never have enough.

The only downturn to this is that every other city will want to use this as a comparable. It would be fair to use this as a comparable but at the same time use their financial status to see if that justifies the expense. Pretty simple equation, don’t spend more than what you take in.

just the facts

Just a reminder…senior citizens in our communities have NOT received an increase in their Social Security this year! Many seniors living on fixed incomes have to pay for all these increases in salaries, health benefits and pension costs of the employees of the different government entities. And there is no end in sight!

Mr. Holly

You are correct. Because gas prices didn’t go up (I don’t know where they were looking) I too didn’t get an increase in Social Security although I did get higher medical insurance costs.

Get ready for the next county scam-the sales tax increase. This is just additional monies to pad their cookie jar so that the bureaucracy can grow. There is very little in it for the taxpayer.


“very good financial shape”, yet the pension system is what several 100’s of billions underfunded, so what’s another 13% among friends.


Good. They do a great job.


This was a very smart move for the police officers because as these raises go into play the compound rates grows and grows and make the benefit larger, note how the smallest raise comes at the end. Also, who is helping the citizens pay for their insurance premiums? Trust me, my insurance has gone up 50% and I am required to pay it without assistance from anyone as government continues to tax me to pay theirs. What is wrong with that picture!

There is no doubt these officers earn their money, especially on weekends. But, this is all like a ferry wheel, it just keeps turning from one community to another to raise the salaries and benefits of the government employees and then at what point does a community not afford salaries vs services employees should provide to its citizens. We already see this on the State level where the State is providing benefits to illegals in volumes whereby the legal citizens are getting less and less. The County wants a Sales Tax to fix the STATE HIGHWAY SHORTFALL even though we pay for this at the gas pump every time we fill the tank. Is the State sending it to our County, NO, because they are using it somewhere else. Effective May 1 all illegal children 18 years and younger get free healthcare and guess who is paying. Now they are working on providing healthcare to all illegal aliens. The money is coming from the taxpayers and will be taken from other funds. Next, we will be asked for another tax for State Parks, and once Pandora’s box is open we will get less and less State funding and pay more and more taxes. This State has become a joke!

Just remember, when another financial crisis comes, this City Council should bare the burden of their actions on this and don’t come to the taxpayers whining. Budgets are done for a purpose.


My insurance went up 300%, my deductible also tripled, plus I have a new $500 pharmacy deductible. Plus no more pre-deductible ER visits. So they basically took away my access to healthcare at a reasonable price.


sounds like AG, we are losing officers for better paying jobs also, but we can pay someone who flips a burger $15.00 an hour. No college, no special training, no risk to their lives, family ect but let’s give them $15.00 cuz they don’t want to use the job as a stepping stone.

Pretty sad when the city manager makes more money than the officer on the street and I don’t think Dianne Thompson even works 40 hours a week.

We are going to be a third world country if we don’t get a grip on the politicians who are driving this country into the ground.

Rich in MB

So at $100K/yr they are already FAR ABOVE the average income for the City and surrounding city Tax Payers…yet they demand more? Folks…just wait until the Building Boom tax money runs out and the house of cards comes crashing down.


The building boom makes no difference in Pismo, its TOT that keeps things lucrative and sure, the extra 200+ rooms under/soon under construction will ad to the pot. As long valley people keep coming Pismo it will be financially far ahead of the rest of the adjacent communities. Nothing new, to bad MB cant find its mojo and is struggling for tourist dollars to be in the same boat.

Kaiser Bill

Brilliant, lets add 200 htoel rooms with showers and toilets during a drought. What could possibly go wrong.

Meanwhile, us peon residents in Pismo are on water restrictions, we can only water our lawns 2X a week, because we don’t fill the coffers of the City General Fund.