Psychics claim cash is possessed, con victims

May 1, 2016
Gina Lee

Gina Lee

A pair of self proclaimed Lompoc psychics pleaded guilty Friday to scamming two women out of $244,800.

Gina Lucyfenia Lee, 29, and Anthony Lee Davis, 29, convinced the two women that their money was possessed by evil spirits. The victims then gave the money to Lee and Davis for a cleansing, with the understanding it would be returned.

One victim gave the pair, who operated the Lompoc based Life Coach Psychic, $237,000 and the other gave them $7,800.

On Friday, the court ordered Lee and Davis to make restitution to their victims. Family members of the defendants subsequently paid back $137,900. In addition, police confiscated $13,600 during the service of a search warrant. That leaves a balance of $93,300.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

The court has given Lee and Davis until July 29 to pay the balance of the money owed or face jail time.

As part of the plea agreement, if the dependents pay all the money back before their July 29 sentencing, they will both be sentenced to five years felony probation. If they fail to pay back their victims, they face up to five years and eight months in prison.

According to police, Lee and Davis have been accused in the past of fraud in several other states, but never convicted of their alleged crimes.

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The Court looks just as dumb as the victims. 5 years from now these creatures will be back at it, if not sooner.

This like something out of old Transylvania when the Gypsies ran amok taking advantage of uneducated towns people. This is 2016 for cryin out loud. Then I thought about people that take their pets to a pet Psychic to find out what troubles their pets. Some of these pet psychics can reach your dog or cat over the radio!!!!!! Crap! I’ve been doing this life thing all wrong. I’ve been working my rear end off my whole life and never taking advantage of any situation that were not mine. Hell I’m in the wrong business. Bring your pets and troubled relatives to me and bring a lot of cash. I’m hanging out my shingle! I’m now convinced that most humans are stupid and I’m going to make a killing.

If you are dumb enough to fall for this scam you deserve to be separated from your money.

“If you are dumb enough to fall for this scam”, which scam?, last years sales tax in SLO, or the upcoming county sales tax to fix our roads. One they already fell for, lets hope the second scam doesn’t pass.

Now that you mention it, don’t stop there when listing scams people are falling for…human-caused climate change, ALL new “necessary taxes”, Donald Trump, Ass Hill….

OMG, this is so similar on many levels to some of our Politicians tactics of lying about their self promotion and taking the money and doing it over and over again. And that’s all the thinking I’m going to do on this cause the only thing left is voting and praying the incumbents do not get reelected.

yes. “money was possessed by evil spirits” i immediately thought politicians, the PUC, etc.

That is a new take on Money Laundering, pretty creative.

good thought/concept

Family members of the Defendants paid the restitution? These criminals have no incentive to stop their crimes if there are no consequences. At least the victims got some money back.

Ummm… The 2 women are pretty darn dumb. Sorry.

The so called “psychics” are the only ones who are possessed by evil spirits. Demonic possession. Yes, there is an unseen war all around us.

You know what they say about ” a fool and his money”…

The problem is these 2 have done it before and never been convicted. Even now with a conviction they may not have to serve any jail time?!

This is just getting to be ridiculous that no one does time in the state of California any more. Pay the victims back, say you are sorry move to another state and do it all over again. That seems to be what we tell criminals.

The problem is they stay here and do the crime again knowing they may very well get away with it again. We are so soft of crime I am shocked we have not just closed the jails and told them ‘be nice’ and let them go on there way.

It has got to be hard to work in law enforcement these days. You catch someone breaking the law, you arrest them and the courts let them go with little to no punishment.

And now you get caught with heroin and you plea the case and it gets reduced to a misdemeanor, and to start with all you got was a ticket to appear.

What the government of this state does not take from you, the criminal element will because they know crime pays.