SLO City manager and attorney to get bonuses

May 2, 2016

SLO City Manager Katie LichtigBy KAREN VELIE

San Luis Obispo City staff is recommending the council vote Tuesday to give City Manager Katie Lichtig and City Attorney Christine Dietrick $5,000 retention bonuses, Dietrick’s fifth bonus or raise in five years.

Staff based the requests for bonuses on performance and the average pay of comparable markets in recent years, according to the staff report. Nevertheless, members of the community question the high turnover of upper-level staff under Lichtig’s leadership and the growth of public management salaries under the equal compensation model.

“I am appalled by your resolution to award $5,000 each as retention bonuses to City Manager Katie Lichtig and City Attorney Christine Dietrick,” wrote John Grady in an April 29 letter to the SLO City Council. “Both are already overcompensated for a city of our size. Ms. Lichtig earns $230,464 ($321,201 with benefits) and Christine Dietrick earns $199,844 ($275,278 with benefits).

Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

“By way of comparison, Governer Brown earns $177,466 per year and the mayor of Los Angeles (population 3.8 million) earns $232,426 – a mere $2,000 more than Ms. Lichtig. Kamala Harris, California State Attorney General, earns $158,683,” Grady added.

Finance directors and city clerks have been prone to departing San Luis Obispo after brief stints with the city under the leadership of Lichtig. In the past four years, the city has gone through four finance directors, four city clerks and two police chiefs.

In 2015, the council granted Lichtig a car allowance of $450 a month, or $5,400 annually, and a cash bonus of $7,600. Dietrick received a 7 percent raise that increased her base salary by more than $12,000.

The council voted 4-1 to approve the pay increases and bonuses. Councilman Dan Carpenter dissented. The raise bumped Dietrick’s salary from $175,006 to $187,252.

Previously, Dietrick received a 3.5 percent raise in 2012, followed by a 4.5 percent bump in pay in 2013 and a 4.2 percent salary increase in 2014.

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“oh, a yup,yup, oh, a yup, yup, oh. lets keep voting in the incumbents they know best. oh look another proposed tax increase, well ok, i’m sure it will be spent wisely.”

look in the mirror people to see who is to blame for this. we keep the status quo, this is what we get.


I’d like to propose a “no bullshit” ordinance in SLO starting with the removal of all upper-level city employees. That dike doesnt even live in SLO!!


Jan Marx must have some issue she is going to be bringing up and will need the support of the City Manager and attorney, so of course she just bought it, and it’s easy when you do it with other people’s money. It does make you wonder what it is Marx is going to be doing that she needs to buy the support of an attorney, better look at it closely or it could be she already has it in the works and is trying to get it through secretly and if it is found out the city attorney will support her.


Carlyn Christianson and Jan Marx said it is a way to show their appreciation and gratitude to Dietrick and Lichtig …. with taxpayer money.

Kudos to Dan Carpenter for voting no. Unfortunately, the rest of Council has no sense and the bonuses were given with a 4-1 vote.


This is trite, but looking at that unflattering photo of Christine, I can’t help but think of Austin Powers’ “She’s a MAN, baby!” (it was either that or make a poor reference to the current gender-bathroom issue).


Add Katie to the list! This is why I no longer shop in SLO aside from the driving mess. Go to Church, get on the freeway and either drive up to Paso or down to Pismo/Arroyo. SLO has become and of course will get worst for driving around down. Ca Fresh in Pismo and that Center is the best! Weekly outing, breakfast/lunch, shopping, home! Use to love going to Santa Maria until until became Little Mexico!




Don’t be surprised when the SLO City Council passes this as the last item on the agenda tonight. After all, staff recommended these raises.

AND don’t be surprised when you get your water bill – starting July 1 with additional Tier One and Tier Two drought surcharges, increases in the sewer base rate, and higher charges for Tier One and Tier Two usage. Expect you water bill to go up about 30%.

Obviously Katie is doing a great job of managing the public’s (OUR) money…


So Katie Lichtig, Christine Dietrick and Jan Marx had staff who work for Katie do a survey that justifies a bonus for Katie and Christine who just happen to control who gets promotions and raises.

How slimy.


What this council needs is a dose of austerity mixed with reality.

just thinking

WTF !!!x3#&%%#@#+)* !!!!!!!!!!!


Like she’s going to move???

This MERRY GO ROUND of high salaries must STOP!!