Teen arrested for felony DUI crash in Nipomo

May 2, 2016

DUICalifornia Highway Patrol officers arrested a 19-year-old Los Osos man on a felony DUI charge following a crash in Nipomo on Sunday.

Around 1:25 p.m., Christopher Paul Dolan was driving northbound on Highway 101 just south of Tefft Street when he turned left and began to spin out of control. Dolan’s Corolla then hit the metal guardrail in the highway median, flipped over and landed on its side.

The Tribune reported that the crash ejected Dolan’s 22-year-old passenger. The passenger, Los Osos resident Erik Ramos, suffered moderate injuries and was transported to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria.

Dolan also suffered moderate injuries in the crash and received treatment at Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria.

Officers booked Dolan in to San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $100,000.

Dolan is charged with felony DUI causing injury, driving with a blood alcohol level of .10 percent or more and causing injury, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office website.

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Its not Chris or Dolan’s fault!

Clearly the blame falls on Toyota, Budweiser, and the county for constructing the biggest killer of them all – a road.

It is certainly not Dolan’s fault – he was not in his right mind. Nor can blame be laid on Toyota, Budweiser, or the county. It is society’s fault for not having enough laws. Yes, there is a law against DUI. However, to ensure this never happens again, there needs to be a law against turning left while DUI.

You have to ask yourself….

Who are these people that refuse to not drive drunk?

The education campaign has been around since I was in Jr High School…yet…every day in America people are being killed by Drunk Drivers.

Frankly…we are just not serious about it as a society.

If we were the punishments would be more severe…drive dunk…lose you Car…DONE.

Drive drunk. Forfeit your house, your bank accounts and your retirement.

These are the same idiots that got participation trophies all through their youth, the feel they can do no wrong because they are winners at everything they tried.

Everyone gets a trophy,

Free healthcare,

Free college tuition….the possibilities are endless!