SLO County sends out record number of ballots

May 9, 2016

voteSan Luis Obispo County is placing about 100,000 ballots in the mail on Monday, a record number for the county. About two thirds of county voters are currently registered to vote by mail.

County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong said the total number of vote-by-mail ballots has increased by about 25,000 over the last six or eight years. Gong expects the county will receive more vote-by-mail requests before the June 7 primary.

Registered voters may request vote-by-mail ballots anytime prior to the election. Those who wish to receive the ballots in the mail must submit the request at least seven days before the primary. In the week leading up to the election, voters can go to the clerk-recorder’s office and complete an application for a vote-by-mail ballot.

As of April 8, there are 149,785 registered voters in the county. There 59,211 registered Republicans (39.5 percent), 50,342 registered Democrats (33.6 percent) and 31,096 voters registered decline to state (20.8 percent).

Over the last year, total registration has increased by 964 voters. Democratic registration has increased by 1,485 and Republican registration has increased by 164. Decline to state registration has decreased by 719.

It is common for some voters to register with a party before a primary election. May 23 is the voter registration deadline.

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To bad Debbie Peterson did not step away from the supervisor race and let Dan take it out right.

She does not have enough of a presence in SLO where the majority of voters live, so she can not win and I doubt will even come in 2nd.

And now the mail in ballots are out, analyze that Debbie.

Wonder when she will announce she is running for something in Grover Beach. She will never get my vote again.

the state of the roads should support your assertion.

I have nothing against Debbie, but I got a robo call with a most-annoying musical intro. I only know it was her via caller ID, as I immediately hung up.

1) Who decided THAT was the way to robo call?

2) Who still thinks robo calling is a good idea to gain support for anything?

(I also got a call from Donald J. Trump to switch to the Republican party so I could vote for him. LoL, yeah right)

On a lighter note, a DCC kid came by asking if I would support Adam Hill and that dude Capps is backing for her seat. For Hill, I said, “No way, not even close” the kid then asked if he could know why, so I gave him a small litany of recent issues and examples. He then asked if I am supporting Dan Carpenter, to which I replied, “Yes, most likely” – he just smiled. When I asked why, he said (AND I QUOTE!): “I’ve been getting that a lot all day!”

Getting that a lot ALL DAY! YES! Even the normally dull and uninformed democrat voters realize that Adam Hill is bad news.

I am getting a bit annoyed at some of the silly arguments that Dan’s supporters are throwing out against Debbie Peterson on this site. If Debbie is less known than Dan in SLO, he is less known that she is in South County. Debate about issues please and set the specious arguments aside. She has as much right as he does to run in this district and, in my opinion, has a better chance of taking voters away from Adam Hill. Your opinion obviously difffers but it will take an election to see who is right.

Yes, yes, we should all play by YOUR rules, since you are the only adult in the room. Thank you for making decisions for everyone based on what you do or do not like. Excellent.

I am not a party loyalist, but I would wager that Debbie takes votes from everyone’s friend, Dan Carpenter, rather than from Adam Hill (who most people loathe). Seeing how they are both members of the same political party, and Carpenter is not, it is not a far stretch to say she is in it for Hill’s victory.

Obviously that is just my theory, but it is done all the time. It’s how you get a turd elected.

Vote the thugs out.

Thug = Hill ??????