Officers searching for double-homicide suspect in Paso Robles

May 8, 2016
Dave McCann

Dave McCann

Paso Robles police are looking for a man suspected of killing a mother and daughter in Clovis early Saturday morning, police said.

Shortly before 4 a.m., Clovis police responded to reports of a stabbing and found the bodies of Judith Cooper, 68, of Paso Robles and her daughter, Tierney Cooper-McCann, 36, of Clovis. A witness identified Dave McCann, the 36-year-old victim’s estranged husband, as the suspect.

McCann was last seen in Clovis driving a 16-foot white Penske moving truck.

At about 5 p.m. on Saturday, a citizen who had read about the murders on Facebook called police to report sighting the Penske moving truck on the 2100 block of Vanderlip Court in Paso Robles. Officers determined the vehicle was the truck driven by McCann but were unable to locate the suspect.

Police describe McCann as a 47 year old white male, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs about 220 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Clovis police believe McCann may still be in the Paso Robles area riding a bicycle. Police describe the bike as a grey or tan, 15-speed mountain bicycle, with disc brakes, and a small tool kit under the seat.

Officers request that anyone who spots McCann, consider the suspect dangerous and call 911 immediately. If you have additional tips on the suspect’s possible whereabouts, please call the Clovis Police Department at (559) 324-2800.

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Well, if I see this S.O.B. he better realize his knife is no match for my .357.

So you are going to kill him? Are you actively searching for him. This I would like to see.m change your name to dexter.

No I am not actively searching for him. I have better things to do with my time. Are you from Rio Linda by any chance? Read between the lines a little, or do you have to have EVERYTHING spelled out for you? IF I SEE HIM AND HE IN ANY WAY THREATENS ME WITH A KNIFE I WILL USE MY .357 ON HIM. Understand now?