Thief grabs donation jar at SLO Denny’s

May 19, 2016
Jason Olson with his family

Jason Olson with his family

A woman walked into the San Luis Obispo Denny’s on Madonna Road last week and walked out with a donation jar that reportedly contained hundreds of dollars. Surveillance footage captured the thief stealing the jar, but San Luis Obispo police say they likely will not catch the suspect because of the poor quality of the video. [KSBY]

Denny’s employee Jessica Ramsey said the donation jar was for her 37-year-old brother-in-law, Jason Olson, who suffered an aneurism and a stroke in January. The jar was sitting on the counter at Denny’s with hundreds of dollars inside it, Ramsey said. The jar also contained pictures of Olson in the hospital, and it explained his story.

A gofundme page that is raising money for Olson’s medical bills states he underwent brain surgery in January. An update posted three weeks ago said Olson is relearning to walk and is still struggling to speak.

In the surveillance footage, there is no one seen at the cash register, and the restaurant appears empty. The woman who stole the jar appears to be dressed in black with a hood covering part of her head.

Officers took a report on the incident. The police department say the lack of a good description of the suspect coupled with the poor quality of the video makes it unlikely officers will catch the thief.

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Mr. Obvious says that you don’t leave a jar with that much money in it on the counter because it entices the criminal to steal it, like what has happened. The proceeds should have been removed daily, then only leaving a few bucks in the jar to make others feel guilty that there isn’t more in it. Therefore, probably more would have been given in this respect.

Mr. Obvious can’t be everywhere. :(

What is the world coming to? Oh yea, see that other story.

It’s unfortunate someone didn’t occasionally empty the jar, and put the money away for safe keeping.

Best of luck to Mr. Olson and his beautiful family.