Times Press-Recorder announces closure

May 23, 2016

NewspaperAfter 129 years, the Times Press-Recorder plans to print its last paper on Friday.

In 2008, the paper shut down its Arroyo Grande office and went from two days a week to one day a week. The paper covered the Five Cities and South San Luis Obispo County areas.

Because of falling advertising revenue and increased costs, Lee Central Coast Newspapers, which also owns the Santa Maria Times, will no longer print the weekly community paper. Even so, the Santa Maria Times will continue to cover some South San Luis Obispo County issues.


There is something about turning pages. Visiting my 70-something parents this week, where the morning paper is a big part of life. Some days an article will pop into the conversation all day long. And because it’s part of a relaxed morning, you’ll read articles that would never make it to the top10 on the google news page, but some editor thought the locals would be interested. I hope that when I’m retired, they still make newspapers.


There was a time you could read the TPR and even see the annual weather girl!


Hopefully the Fibune will be next, sooner rather than later.


Falling advertising revenue? Must be that the local radio stations have the cornered that one. Damn commercials are relentless anymore. Same as KSBY and CW TV, friggin pathetic. Im sure advertising works to some degree but when there are more commercials than show or news the idiot box and radio are shut off and that wont sell anything now does it Mr. Bean counter.


Next thing you know, you will only be able to read a book on kindle. No more flipping pages, and putting a dog ear on the page you stopped reading.The simple times and simple things in life.

Mitch C

I remember my time spent with Dick Blankenburg very fondly. He truly loved his paper. Under his leadership it was the voice of the South County. During the late 70s/early 80s the paper covered every aspect of what was happening. Supported by his lovely wife, Dick was the South County


Local papers, much like local radio, is sadly on its way out. If you think about it, it’s really part of the American foundation that has helped make America….America!

Like the milkman, the bread man, and the Fuller Brush man, all good things must come to an end it seems…very sad.

Kaiser Bill

The TPR was a good hokey local paper back when the Blankenburg family owned it.

The TPR has been in a death spiral for a long time.

Sad to see it go, it was a Five Cities institution for a long time.