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Tribune printing press moving again

Fourteen months after McClatchy began printing the San Luis Obispo Tribune in Fresno, the publishing company will again move the newspaper’s printing operations to a new press. The move is a result of McClatchy’s decision to start printing the Fresno... (Continue reading)

Santa Maria Times cuts Monday edition

As local publisher Lee Central Coast Newspapers announced it would stop printing the Times Press-Recorder, it also informed Santa Maria Times subscribers that they would no longer receive Monday newspapers. The publishing company says it is adapting to an industry... (Continue reading)

Times Press-Recorder announces closure

After 129 years, the Times Press-Recorder plans to print its last paper on Friday. In 2008, the paper shut down its Arroyo Grande office and went from two days a week to one day a week. The paper covered the... (Continue reading)

McClatchy stock continues downward spiral

McClatchy Co. stock prices continue to plummet amid sharp declines in advertising revenue. The stock prices for the Sacramento-based McClatchy, which owns The San Luis Obispo Tribune and 28 other newspapers, fell from $4.71 a share on Aug. 5, 2014... (Continue reading)

Trampling the First Amendment in Cayucos

By Stacey Warde, editor of the Rogue Voice In the early days of the Rogue Voice, when it was still merely a monthly newsprint journal, we published a story about what prisoners do when they get horny. Tito David Valdez,... (Continue reading)

Greed: The real American dream

OPINION By STACEY WARDE At my college graduation in 1984, a candidate receiving a degree in American Studies stepped up to the podium for his diploma, and someone in the audience proclaimed loudly, “What the hell can you do with... (Continue reading)

The Novel Experience to close

In 1989, a bibliophile in San Luis Obispo could enjoy any number of local, independently-owned bookstores downtown: Phoenix, Leon’s, Norwood’s, Gaby’s, Bookland, and the mighty Earthling (where Natural Cafe stands today). Plus Mrs. Nybak, wife of painter Arne Nybak, had... (Continue reading)

Tribune slashing jobs as McClatchy freefalls

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County’s daily newspaper, The Tribune, will terminate seven employees, and its top officials are reported to be warning of massive layoffs to come in the wake of a similarly foreboding announcement this morning by parent... (Continue reading)

RIP: The Rogue Voice

By DANIEL BLACKBURN A literary citadel in this county has tumbled. Editor Stacey Warde and Publisher Dell Franklin announced Monday that The Rogue Voice, a San Luis Obispo County journal of literature, eclectic writing, and grand intent, will publish its final issue... (Continue reading)