Tribune printing press moving again

May 27, 2016

NewspaperFourteen months after McClatchy began printing the San Luis Obispo Tribune in Fresno, the publishing company will again move the newspaper’s printing operations to a new press. The move is a result of McClatchy’s decision to start printing the Fresno Bee in Sacramento.

McClatchy officials say The Tribune will be printed in Fresno until the end of July. In the meanwhile, they plan to find a printing press closer to San Luis Obispo.

Last year, Tom Cullinan, the president and publisher of the Fresno Bee, said that moving The Tribune’s printing operations to Fresno would allow the paper to be printed on environmentally friendly presses that use water-based ink.

In a Fresno Bee article published Wednesday, Cullinan said the Fresno press has aging and costly printing-plate technology, which makes it one the most expensive printing operations in the country. Cullinan cited that as one of the key reasons for moving the Fresno Bee’s printing operations.

The Fresno Bee will be printed at the Sacramento Bee press starting Aug. 1. The move will result in the elimination of 27 full-time and 57 part-time positions in Fresno.

McClatchy, which owns the Tribune, Fresno Bee and Sacramento Bee, operated at a loss of $300 million in 2015. The publishing company concluded the year with approximately $397.3 million in outstanding debt.

As of Dec. 2015, McClatchy’s pension obligations exceeded assets by $464.8 million. In order to keep up on its pension payments, McClatchy transferred ownership of a number of its real estate holdings to its pension fund.

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Ah, the peachy pension. Well done!

My “favorite” is when The Tribune takes sides on electoral candidates consistently pushing progressive liberalism ad nauseam, thus simplifying in my mind who I should not vote for. Such a help!


Almost have to wonder if the muckety-mucks at McClatchy actually realize that crap is going on at the Tribune?

I am a printed newspaper reader, just can’t read the paper on my laptop, can’t pull up what I want to read! So, whatever the Trib needs to do to get it printed and out to my house is okay with me. It would seem to me there are skads of writers out there just itching to write articles for us to read. I hope the Tribune will hire more writers so we can have a variety of articles to read. I would hate to se the Tribune leave our area and I’d like to see another newspaper here as one opinion isn’t beneficial to open discussion.

I’m willing to pay to have my newspaper delivered to my door.

fv, are you serious?

I too prefer a newspaper, but in the morning. I read online sources.

But the Tribune is a total joke. I read a newspaper for world news and sports. The Tribune was once good at local news. Now it is good at nothing.

You’re dreaming…all that I wish stuff ain’t gonna happen

With a loss of close to $400 million and pension obligations approaching $500 million totals almost $BILLION in red ink.

How these people keep their jobs is beyond comprehension. Maybe they are just grooming themselves for a government job.

The Trib is circling the drain … That’s what happens when you shy away from reporting corruption in your community just to appease the Chamber of Commerce types. You can only be the happiest place on earth until the people start recognizing the truth.

The Trib used to be a good solid news source until Douer took the helm and fluff stories became the norm. It was all about kissing ass and looking the other direction.

Adios Fibune !!!

With all the horror in the world, who cares about the Tribune anymore.

The Tribune reminds me of the once popular T.V. Guide. At one time it was an essential part of everyday life, now I’m not even sure its available anymore.

It sucks for those who are losing their jobs for sure, but I would suspect that anyone employed in the newspaper industry today has figured out that their livelihood is not long for this world.

I really will miss reading those puff pieces when The Fibune is gone

Not dying fast enough.

Hopefully it will move even further away.