Customers fed up with Arroyo Grande furniture business

June 24, 2016

bedCustomers have been waiting a few months or longer to receive beds, couches and other furniture they bought from an Arroyo Grande store. An attorney representing the furniture business says the orders have been held up by a recent bankruptcy. [KSBY]

Barbara Campbell said she purchased a couch and bed from RoomsExpress Furniture on March 11 and paid in full. But she still has not received the furniture, Campbell said.

Campbell said the salesperson told her the couch and bed would arrive in eight weeks. After the furniture failed to arrive on time, she has called back every two weeks. Every time she called back she was told it would take another two weeks, Campbell said.

When Campbell asked for a refund, it was denied because she signed an agreement stating all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges.

Cory and Sonya Armstrong said they bought a dining and living room set on March 9 but still have not received them. Each time they called about the order the store pushed the delivery date out further, the Armstrongs said.

Robert Rosenstein, of Rosenstein and Associates, is representing RoomsExpress Furniture, which was formerly known as Ashley’s Home Furniture. Rosenstein said his client fully intends that customers will receive the furniture they purchased.

Rosenstein said the owners of the business also own a furniture store in Santa Maria. Last December, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which temporarily froze some orders. The owners could not ship furniture or make payments for the orders until getting court approval, Rosenstein said.

At the end of May, RoomsExpress agreed to close the Santa Maria location and keep the Arroyo Grande store open. The compromise allowed RoomsExpress to emerge from bankruptcy and resume with deliveries.

Rosenstein said all furniture ordered during the bankruptcy period should be delivered by the end of July.

RoomsExpress also says it is reaching out to customers who are waiting for furniture deliveries, and the company is giving them delivery dates. Customers can call the store at (805) 473-1031.


Yet another good reason to shop for furniture on the internet.


I know for a fact this company is shady and lies.

Mid October I ordered a sectional and another piece of furniture from Ashley furniture. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to deliver, but the sales person told me my family would be sitting on our beautiful couch by Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving came and went without a word, I called. I got the “two weeks” thing. Ok, I’ll live. Then it was ANOTHER month. They kept saying two weeks. By then, I told them I didn’t want the furniture anymore, as they were well beyond the terms of our contract. I was told “all sales are final”. I was shocked. I told the manager that they weren’t upholding the terms of the contract.

I called Consumer Affairs, the Federal Trade Commission and filed complaints. I called Ashley Furniture’s Corporate office and filed a complaint. Their corporate office was of NO help. I went to Social Media and complained. I called my credit card company, and I DID use a credit card thank goodness, and had to fight them to get my account credited because Ashley furniture had told them I already had my furniture.

I tried working with this company. Late January, I got the manager to put in to writing that my sectional (I had forced them to cancel the other piece as I went and bought what I needed elsewhere) was to be delivered by the week of Valentine’s day. I didn’t hear from them until St Patrick’s Day with a call that my sectional was here and when did I want it. Um, never.

5 months from date of purchase until they were finally calling to deliver that thing. My contract said 6-8 weeks.

I ordered from them because they say all of their furniture is assembled in the US. I found out later the problem is that a lot of the parts are from China.

This has been the WORST experience ever. I cannot believe how hard I had to fight to get this crappy company off my back. They need to go away forever!!


This furniture store’s attorney basically admitted that this company was lying to customers, having them sign contracts that the company KNEW they could not honestly fulfill. It is fraud.

Russ J

seems like all furniture stores are flakey when you place an order and don’t buy from their floor. Took us FOREVER to get a couch from Ashley in S.M.


Reminds me when Gearhart said he had every intention that everyone would get their money back. If the furniture store files Chap. 13 in the end, you are all screwed and unfortunately not a damn thing you can do about it.


If they purchased the furniture with a credit card they can get there money back. If any business puts in writing the delivery time frame and does not meet it, that is breach of contract.

All sales final and yet they don’t hold up their end of the deal, the contract is null and void. I would bring them to small claims court. They don’t have the right to take your money and not give you anything for your money.