Teen allegedly stabbed her baby, dumped it in a bag

June 24, 2016

knifeA 15-year-old Santa Maria girl cut her newborn infant multiple times with a knife and dumped it in a plastic bag in the bathroom of her home, according to court testimony. The teen is charged with murder with the use of a deadly weapon.

In January, staff at Marian Regional Medical Center informed law enforcement of suspicious circumstances regarding a recent home birth. Investigators then searched the teen’s home and found the infant’s body. Officers arrested the teen for murder after an autopsy revealed the baby died from traumatic injuries.

The teen, Maribel S., appeared in Santa Maria Juvenile Court Wednesday for a pre-trial hearing. A Santa Maria detective testified that he interviewed Maribel at the hospital.

Maribel changed her story several times but eventually said the baby’s body was inside a plastic bag hidden behind shoes in the vanity area of her bathroom, the detective testified. Officers indeed found the infant’s body inside the bag.

The detective testified that Maribel said, after giving birth, she cut the umbilical cord with a knife. Maribel also said, while cutting the umbilical cord, she cut the cut the baby with the knife in three locations, including the infant’s throat.

Officers recovered the knife and bloody tissues that were stuffed in the bag with the baby.

Pre-trial hearings in the case are expected to continue next week.

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I heard there is far more to this story.

This girl was possibly molested and was an indigenous girl from outside the US is the story I was told by people. She doesn’t know anyone in the US, let alone anything about safe surrender laws. She may not have known or understood what was actually happening to her if no one taught her. She may have been afraid.

That’s what I heard anyway. So sad.

Parents? School? Baby daddy? Where was anyone? So sad. 15 years young. Everyone failed This child. There needs to be more education in schools and media that there are safe havens for baby drop offs with no questions asked. Fire stations, police stations, hospitals and churches.

She should have killed it just before it was born, than it would have been legal.

Not only “legal” but celebrated by many.

Santa Maria… What can you say about this! Don’t even want to think that any human being would do this much less a mother of a new born. Sick!

What should Santa Maria say about this? You’re implying that Santa Maria is at fault in some way? It couldn’t happen here in SLO SLOBIRD?

Your comment is telling. It tells us what you think of those who live in Santa Maria; that they are less than you. Your response is typical of those who wish to stick their head in the sand and avoid real thought on the subject. It’s easier pass judgement and move on I guess.

You question how the city can let this happen, and try not to think how this sick person–a mother–could do such a thing. Such quality introspection and analysis.

Perhaps a little grace is in order. I too cannot fathom such an act, but my first response is not to impugn a city and malign the distraught child.

While I cannot see myself doing something similar; I can attempt to empathize what place she might have been in, and envision the lack of support she had available to her.

Your concern should be focused on ensuring people in similar circumstances get the help they need. And not focus on your personal satisfaction in blaming a city and passing judgement on a mentally distraught child.

Santa Maria the armpit of the Central Coast. They have such a great history for violent inhuman acts: behead a jogger, rape and murder a senior citizen in her house, drug wars, street, parking lots and park shootings, gang violence, 15 multinational gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) from Honduras and El Salvador arrested for the murder spree in Santa Maria in March, etc. just to mention a few of the recent barbaric acts from this City which says is not a Sancuaury City but acts like one.

This 15 year old is totally responsibility for her actions unless she is mentally incompetent and that was not mentioned in the article.

Starting in grammar school for decades now kids are taught about sex education and advanced in junior high school. If she is old enough to have sex she is old enough to accept responsibility for her actions, not that her family shouldn’t share some of that responsibility. The high schools provide free condoms in the restrooms, she could have gone to a Planned Parenthood Office and get birth control pills at no cost without parental consent, she could have gotten an abortion, she could have gone to the drug store and gotten a morning after pill. She did nothing! I hope they charge her with 1st degree murder as she should never walk the streets again for this inhuman act .

California has a CALIFORNIA SAFE HAVEN LAW, where you can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with an employee at any safe surrender designated hospital, fire station or a location designated by the board of supervisors of a county in California NO QUESTIONS ASKED!.

In California, no one ever has to abandon or kill a newborn child!

Got it. Use a tragic story as your vehicle to inject race by talking crap about a neighboring icy. Then rely on a 15 year old’s grasp of the law and the educational system you wholeheartedly support to get the job done for you. I am sure in your mind that since she couldn’t find a way to Planned Parenthood it is an indictment on them too.

Again, a little grace would be nice. Instead of weak attempts to rationalize your racism and pass judgement on others.

STOP with the race card as this would not even begin to fit my profile. This is about a 15 year girl, story had no known special circumstances, who had a baby in her home, slit the throat and stabbed the newborn and hid behind her shoes like trash! This is just another barbaric act coming out of Santa Maria and nothing more.

This is the end of my discussion as a I see a horrible act and you see a pathetic victim.

Thank you for your viewpoints and have a nice weekend!

Wasn’t Richard Allen Krebs from sweet little SLO town?

Rex Krebs was born in Sandpoint, Idaho. At the age of eighteen, Krebs attacked a twelve year old acquaintance, beat and attempted to rape her. He was charged with a misdemeanor and was jailed for ninety days. Within six months of being released, he was charged with felony auto theft and was sentenced to three years in jail. At age twenty-one, he relocated to California to be closer to his alcoholic mother and in less than a year after his release from prison he was again arrested for two separate sexual attacks that occurred within a month in the spring of 1984. He received a twenty year jail sentence and was paroled halfway through his incarceration. Emerging from prison (guess which one) in 1997, he found employment and began a long term relationship. We all know the outcome of this story as he rightfully sits on death role at San Quintin!

This has nothing to do with where Maribel lives. It has everything to do with the state of human depravity. Disregard for the sanctity of human life – and in the case of Kyle Barbre of Goleta who allegedly tortured and killed the Chihuahua he had recently adopted – disrespect for the lives of animals, as well. If you believe that every life has intrinsic worth – you will not commit these kind of evil acts against them!