Driver hits parked trucks, goes airborne in SLO

June 2, 2016

ambulance 4A woman crashed her car into two trucks parked on the side of the Sacramento Drive near Via Esteban Wednesday afternoon in San Luis Obispo. The woman’s car then went airborne and spun 180 degrees before landing. [KSBY]

The woman suffered injuries and went to the hospital, but her condition is unclear. Her car was totaled.

Police officers are still investigating the crashes, and they have not announced a suspected cause.


Is she a member of the Ol’Boy Clique????


She was haulin’ arse, that’s for sure. Was she working for the medical examiner and late for work?


LuLz +1/funny.

Yeah, I am very familiar with the road and lay of the land in that area, and one would be hard pressed to go fast enough to get airborne. Unless she was driving one of those little coffin-cars… then maybe it’d be light enough. Still, that had to be some impressive speed!