Joe Bowman out as KVEC news anchor

June 28, 2016
Joe Bowman

Joe Bowman

KVEC morning news anchor Joe Bowman is being replaced when the AM radio station becomes part of American General Media (AGM) on July 1. Current owner El Dorado Broadcasters sold the News/Talk station to AGM last spring for $450,000.

Bowman took over the morning news show last March, following the abrupt resignation of Dick Mason. Previously, Bowman worked at KVEC as co-anchor of the broadcast with King Harris and producer of the afternoon Dave Congalton Show.

Bowman told CalCoastNews that he had been informed that his services were not required by the new owners because they planned on taking the morning show in a new direction.

“I understand when a station sells, the new owners may want to take things in a new direction,” Bowman said.

Both Congalton and his producer Craig Hill have been offered jobs at AGM and their show is expected to begin in its usual time slot sometime next week.

No replacement for Bowman has been announced, but the scheduled change marks the fourth turnover in the KVEC morning news since King Harris was forced into retirement last January.



Unfortunately, local “hometown” radio is dying a painful death at the hands of corporate insensitivity and greed. Like the milkman, the bread man, and even the Fuller Brush man, nothi’n good ever lasts…even though it’s what really built America..





the situation

Say it ain’t so Joe!!!!

Jorge Estrada

So AGM is going in a new direction? My hope for Joe is that he is snatched up by another broadcast that appreciates his direction and that he recaptures the morning listeners. As for American G? Media, you’ve dumped a good delivery.


This is disappointing news. Joe is the best thing to happen to the morning news is a long time. He is professional and likable. His delivery is spot-on as a local news anchor. While I am very happy that American General Media is retaining Dave Congalton, I wish they would reconsider this decision regarding Joe.


AGM, What are you thinking?! The Central Coast LOVES Joe! We listeners left in droves the LAST time Joe was booted out.

Attention John Spencer: We (as well as many others, I’m sure) discovered your grocery when we moved here BECAUSE we loved to listen to Joe and King’s banter. We stopped listening when Dick Mason took over.

If AGM drops Joe, your spots will be impacted as well.


Say it ain’t so!!! Waking up to my “morning cup of Joe” (Bowman) is something we, as LOYAL KVEC listeners look forward to every single week day.

His professional style of delivering the news, coupled with his instant like-ability is exactly what HOME TOWN radio needs. I was so happy when KVEC re-hired Joe a few months ago, and now will have to start listening to one of the other morning radio stations.

PLEASE reconsider and keep Joe on the air!!!!!


This is very discouraging news! I keep it tuned to Joe as I drive to campus during the week. He does a great job. Can’t believe AGM would not bring him on board.

There’s always NPR.


LOUD OBJECTION!!! American General Media, hope you’re listening. Joe Bowman is doing an outstanding job hosting the morning news on KVEC. In the wake of some extremely tumultuous changes, Joe has brought back an air of normalcy and familiarity to the morning news. Why would you choose to attempt to fix something that’s not broken? Please don’t drop Joe!