Officers pose as homeless people to entrap unsuspecting drivers

June 11, 2016
A Regina police officer posing as a panhandler.

A Regina police officer posing as a panhandler.

Regina, Canada police officers have discovered a new way to increase revenue, pose as a homeless person in an attempt to set up kind-hearted individuals willing to help those in need.

Officers, wearing old clothes and holding cardboard signs, stand in busy traffic areas posing as panhandlers. The officers then stand back from the curb.

Some drivers, such as Dane Rusk, reach into their pockets, undo their seat belts and lean over to drop their extra cash on the curb. The homeless imposter than informs a uniformed officer that the driver has unhooked his seat belt. [CTV News]

A few minutes later, the uniformed officer gives the driver a ticket for not having their seat belt on.

“The ticket’s $175 and the three dollars I gave to him – I’m out $178 all because I was trying to help out a homeless guy,” Rusk told CTV News.

Police in Regina, who point out their signs don’t actually ask for cash, claim the project helps keep the public safe.



this is an article the tribune would never carry. they would only cover the officers side of the story, effectively parroting the police, therefore shirking any investigative/1st amendment responsibility.

the funny thing is these low life officers(which are far too and more common than most care to think about) think they are smart enough to get away with shite like this.


I hope this doesn’t give our local law enforcement any ideas.

Mr. Holly

Where is Ilan Funke Balu when you need him?


I don’t know, but Ilan Funke-Bilu would take the case if he could.


Not sure how they can sleep at night.


I hope one of these crooked cops gets a proper comeuppance. Or their names revealed as assholes in the local churches.


ok; whose idea was this? crap


What a load of crap! Only in a socialist country.

However, Morro Bay PD used to do something for revenue that was almost as shady. They would get an officer in plain clothes to park an unmarked car at a crosswalk. The officer would then stand in front of the car blocked from oncoming drivers’ view. Just before the driver got to the crosswalk, the officer would step out, usually not giving the driver any time at all to slow or stop. The officer would then step back while a uniformed officer hiding a short distance away would stop the driver and cite them for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, most drivers took the ticket and paid it. I happened to be in traffic court on an unrelated matter once and Morro Bay PD was in court on one of these tickets. Commissioner Sefton was none too pleased with their shenanigans.


Not just in socialist countries — corruption and lack of ethics are not limited by political philosophies. Just look at the current mess of Republican office holders in Alabama facing criminal investigations and charges. It compares to the mess of Democrat legislators that had the same thing happen recently here in California. I can’t speak for Canadian cops but the majority of cops in this country tend to be political conservatives and those that are corrupt would likely be a cross-section politically.


Like I said, only in a socialist country.


Heh, everyone in Regina should call 911 to complain about loitering bums disrupting traffic until they go away.


Wow! That is a new low.


Typical of the new law enforcement officers. If you won’t do a crime, I’ll help you out. Bam. Here’s a ticket…