Popular Pismo Beach restaurant destroyed by fire

June 25, 2016

Giuseppe's fire

Crews battled a large fire at the iconic Giuseppi’s Italian restaurant in Pismo Beach Saturday morning. Price Street is expected to be closed for several hours while crews clean up from the blaze.

Fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire which was contained to the restaurant.

Located on Price Street between Main Street and Hollister Avenue, Giuseppe’s Pismo Beach was founded in 1988 by Giuseppe Difronzo as his Cal Poly senior project. Since then, it has been known for its fresh baked breads and traditional Italian dishes.


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As I said, smoke was pouring from the pizza oven through the dining room at 11:30 last night and caused the staff to start exiting patrons.

Staff has confirmed this to neighbors and friends. I’m not making it up.

I wonder about the environment where staff are left alone and Joe is not contacted. Sounds like a business ownership disconnect to me.

Why are idiots downvoting this comment?

It is sad the innuendo’s and false accusations here from people that WEREN’T even there. Why don’t we let the fire department do an investigation first?

I don’t think any of the “innuendo’s and false accusations” here were meant to be taken seriously. They were just attempting to use an old stereotype for humor.

Why don’t you ask the owner who started this as his livelihood in 1988 how funny he thinks these comments are? Old saying time and place? Are you really this obtuse?

my BIL (who practically lives there) had dinner there last night and said that he left about 11:30 because the dining room filled up with smoke. He said that one of the employees was standing up and pouring pitchers of water behind the pizza oven, down the wall, but they didn’t call the fire department.

In my passage of old age I always confused Giuseppe’s as being Pinocchio’s. being confused by its excellence with my aging senility. I pray they build before I pass from this life.

One of the best restaurants in the County. Very sad! What is with the insurance issue, anyone have proof?

I hate having to explain humor — even gallows humor — but here goes. There is a long-standing cultural stereotype of small businesses in big cities with a large Italian community. It has to do with insurance “offered” by the mob. Restaurants were often one of the insured businesses. I was never into “The Sopranos” but I don’t doubt that they used this stereotype in at least one episode.

Combustion fires in restaurants are very common. They occur when the mortgage papers are rubbed very quickly and firmly against the insurance papers.

Sounds like you must have experience at this type of thing.

I am not sure what is more saddening, the fact that it burned, or the fact that no student (or most anyone) today can even afford to start a business in Pismo Beach on Price Street…

Maybe if they work as hard and long as John (Giuseppe) and his family have they could achieve this can of success! It takes lots of hard work, sacrifice and dedication for sure. The restaurant business is a hard business for long term success!

Rule #1 in the restaurant business: Never, EVER, fall behind in your “insurance” payments.

And never, ever, fail to pay your weekly “dues” to the local merchant’s association:


Rule #1 and rule #2 are the same.

“local merchant’s association” AKA Pismo City government

An evil 1%-er?