Resnicks and Paso Robles man seeking rezoning

June 26, 2016
Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Justin Vineyards and Winery, owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick, and a Paso Robles man are working to rezone a large parcel on the east side of Paso Robles near the airport. [Tribune]

Justin Vineyards and real estate agent Tom Erskine have applied to subdivide and rezone three parcels into 14 separate lots in a 212-acre area. The plan is to subdivide 77.3 acres into 13 lots to be rezoned from agriculture to industrial. The remaining lot is slated to remain zoned agricultural.

A spokesman for the Resnicks’ Wonderful Co. told the Tribune there are currently no plans to build on the property following the rezoning.

Nevertheless, the application includes a description by Kirk Consulting that says the project could provide 440,000 square feet of planned industrial space and 183,000 square feet of light industrial.

On July 12, the Paso Robles Planning Commission will discuss the plan rezoning.


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it’s all about the currency of trade.

A closer look at who’s working these jobs are literally Hispanics straight from our southern border.

They’re taking over our towns and produce entitled children who crowd our schools and often elect to take the “low road” by living on welfare, dealing drugs, dutifully procreating it seems, and crowding our healthcare services. English speaking Amercans are increasingly feeling alienated in their own communities.

Resnick also has nut tree processing plants located in Lost Hills, a small town between Paso and Bakersfield on 46, where where 97% of it’s over 2400 inhabitants are Hispanic and Latino.

I think it’s obvious that these folks need to shop elsewhere. they are NOT good for us and obviously, we are not good for them. We care about our natural resources and their sustainability, they care about MONEY. It’s simply not a good fit.

Please take your values and thinking elsewhere….try Texas.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) may be of key interest to rural North County residents concerning water rights issues.

The nonprofit provides pro bono and low-cost legal assistance to develop “rights-based” laws that protect communities against environmental threats, including water privatization:

“State environmental agencies are issuing permits to corporations to extract millions of gallons of water a day from local aquifers to bottle and sell. This is literally drying up our communities, as the majority of bottled water in the U.S. is drawn from drought zones.”

Good luck you guys.

Answer me this one riddle – if there are truly no plans to develop this property; why pursue

re-zoning now?

They simply can not be trusted to act as concerned landowners in this area – money for themselves is the one and only driving force.


I hope the planning commission doesn’t re-zone the area. I think the Resnick’s cannot be trusted *not* to do something harmful to Paso Robles –

Fugro & Associates

Hydrogeological Technical Report:

See page 64 for a map depicting areas of grave concern for the Paso Basin’s future viability:

New Times

August 27, 2013

Paul Sorensen, consulting hydrologist of Fugro Associates, warned that the long-term trend of (the Paso Basin’s) water level decline “represents a condition of mining.” Mining groundwater can cause the level of the overlying ground to sink, and consolidates the sediment so the basin can’t hold as much water.

Developing land, especially in Paso where growth – created in part by the wine industry – has brought jobs. However, the Resnicks have no history of being trusted. They’ve shown in the past to be ruthless water barons, hell bent on sucking dry every last drop for their billions. They’re working on paying off the county and I’m sure they’re in the same crony process in the city of Paso. Everyone should keep close tabs on these unscrupulous and duplicitous opportunist.