Sheriff creates 24/7 surveillance zones in Shandon, San Miguel

June 15, 2016

camera lensThe San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office has installed surveillance cameras in Shandon and San Miguel with the hope they will deter crime. A sign in San Miguel now warns pedestrians and drivers that they are entering a 24/7 surveillance zone. [KSBY]

In San Miguel, sheriff’s personnel placed four cameras in the center of town. The cameras are attached to a power pole on Mission Street across from the Ranch Bar and Stage. The sign is positioned about 100 feet from the cameras.

Sheriff’s officials says Shandon and San Miguel are remote areas of the county, and the cameras will add a presence when deputies are not physically patrolling those communities.

Tony Cipolla, the spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said the cameras and signs will serve as a deterrent because they will let criminals know they are being watched. Additionally, deputies will use the cameras to identify suspects and their vehicles, Cipolla said.

Sheriff’s investigators have a mobile app that allows them to watch surveillance footage in real time. The app also permits investigators to remotely tilt, pan and zoom the cameras.

The sheriff’s office received funding for the cameras through a state justice system grant. If the cameras are deemed a success in Shandon and San Miguel, the sheriff’s office plans to install more in other areas of the county, including Nipomo and Avila Beach.

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Need to dust off my copy of George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Big Brother is watching you!

True today with cameras and microphones all over tracking us!

‘Smart lights’ in a city near you are now tracking all you say and do! Google for the info!

It was recently reported by KPIX in the Bay Area about hidden microphones that were exposed as part of a government surveillance program.

Yep…Big Brother is watching you!

Margarita does not need cameras, just enforcement of the law. Where are the CHP these days?

Am I the only one the finds it odd that we actually need a spokesperson for the sheriff?

Must be the wave of the future but kind of reminds me of the life of a virus. Viruses start out looking like one thing but mutate, sometimes with unforeseen speed, into something entirely different, grotesque, and potentially extremely dangerous or even deadly. Surveilling anyone/everyone just because they can and think they should? Nope – just don’t like the “smell” of this.