Tribune to cut costs by outsourcing labor to India

June 5, 2016

The San Luis Obispo Tribune’s parent company, McClatchy, is hiring large numbers of workers through the federal H-1B program with plans to train foreigners to replace U.S. citizens who are currently performing skilled labor. [The Charlotte Observer]

Under the H-1B program, companies can bring foreign workers to the United States temporarily to perform jobs requiring highly skilled labor. While some employers claim it helps them fill jobs where there are not enough qualified U.S. citizens wanting to do the work, critics say the program is being used to replace Americans with foreign tech workers willing to work for less.

In the case of McClatchy, amid financial downfalls, the company has decided to outsource many of its tech jobs to a company based in India.

McClatchy is using the H-1B program to bring over foreign workers to be trained by current employees, many of whom will then lose their jobs to the trainees. McClatchy plans to layoff 121 tech employees across the United States after it outsources much of its technology work to India.


I wonder if these budget cuts will allow the Trib to report on the Jeff Edwards story.



It has been so long since McClatchy turned a profit they forget what it is. 35% of 0 = 0

Kaiser Bill

McClatchy has problems but they are still bringing in revenue.

TAX that revenue 35 percent until these jobs are brought back to the USA.

Unless you support foreigners stealing the jobs of Americans. Do you?

Time to bring tech jobs back to the USA and make Iphones on our land!

just thinking

mmmm… does that mean that the Tribune is going to build houses for their H-1B program trainees like they did in Nipomo?? Does that mean that the price of Curry will be going up in SLO ?


They’ve been doing this for years. What’s the point, this is old news. No agenda here.

Russ J

………..and the political hack jobs we keep electing do nothing about this very abused program. Disney, So. Cal Edison, McClatchy; they’re all slime bag companies that don’t give two shits about American families. We don’t have to put up with this crap. Who will you vote for this year – Hillary, Kamila, Katcho? More of the same old boring, self entitled oatmeal.


More rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

When are they finally going to just put that wounded horse out of its misery?

It’s sad and utterly pathetic how they are allowing that so-called “newspaper” to just slowly bleed to death.

Black Copter Pilot

When is going to get put out of its misery? Endorsing Hill and Martin and blowing off Arnold is an excellent beginning.

just the facts

Agree Black Copter Pilot! That’s why we need to vote for:

First District/John Peschong

Third District/Dan Carpenter

Fifth District/Debbie Arnold

The voters have to prove The Tribune wrong!

We need to bring back common sense to SLO County!


If they are willing to train Foreigners why won’t they train citizens?




Trump will not like this Trib and will put you on his list to debase and defile. He may even stop reading you.

Kaiser Bill

Slap a 35 percent tariff on ALL McClatchy profits until those tech jobs are brought back to our land, the USA!