2 men beaten during Templeton home invasion

July 20, 2016

Home invasion

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested four suspects and are searching for a fifth following a home invasion robbery in Templeton early Wednesday morning.

Shortly after 3 a.m., five suspects allegedly broke into a home in the 4700 block of See Ranch Lane where about 20 teens and young adults were having a party. The suspects, dressed in all black with bandannas covering their faces, fired shots in the air and ordered everyone to the floor.

At least one of the suspects allegedly assaulted two males with a blunt object, according to a sheriff’s department press release.

The suspects proceeded to rob several victims of their cell phones and wallets before they fled in their vehicle as well as two of the victim’s vehicles, a white BMW and a white Chevy pickup truck.

After receiving a 911 call, deputies responding to the scene spotted a BMW traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 46 West. Deputies stopped the vehicle and were able to detain three of the suspects and recover several of the stolen cellphones.

Home invasion 1At approximately the same time, Atascadero police officers located the stolen pickup truck abandoned in the River Gardens area of Atascadero.

Sheriff’s detectives then located one of the stolen cellphones and a fourth suspect at a home in the 5000 block of Olmeda Avenue in Atascadero. A fifth suspect is believed to be on the loose.

Following the robbery, emergency responders transported the two male victims to a nearby hospital where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies arrested Donovan James Alvord, 19, of Templeton; Albert Charles Heinicke, Jr., 18, of Avila Beach; and two 17-year-old male juveniles for numerous charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, robbery in an inhabited dwelling, assault with a deadly weapon with a semiautomatic handgun, burglary, conspiracy to commit robbery, discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner and an enhancement for use of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony.

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At the arraignment yesterday all suspects pleaded not guilty (including this newly arrested suspect) and the DA asked that the juveniles be tried as adults. All five had their bail amounts raised to 5 million each.

They are looking at a lot of time behind bars.

Sorry, I’ll break it down slower: Robbery already indicates someone is there… hence, robbery in an inhabited dwelling… begs the question, can there be robbery in an uninhabited dwelling. Sorry for not being very simple.


Of course there can be robbery in an uninhabited dwelling. Walk up to an old, run down, abandoned house of which there are thousands across America, walk through the entry way with no door or climb through a window with no pane and find a bum sleeping in a corner and rob him. As you say very simple.

The point of the law is that going into a man’s “castle” to rob him is considered a crime that deserves penalty enhancements.

That slow enough for you?

I agree that these dangerous idiots are a waste of space on this earth and I am glad to see they will be cramped into as small a space as humanely possible for a while.

However, I do note that no one (so far) has brought up their probable ethnic background. I wonder why that is? Doesn’t it suit any political agendas?

that is what is wrong in this world you want to know their ethnic backgrounds.

Their ethnic make-up did not make them do this crime, it is what is what is fueling so much hate in this world.

These are messed up young people that is all we need to know.

citygirl, See my response to you in the followup article.

Seem like typical shallow-soul children, easily molded into the current social narrative without much self-thought or determination… never to question, only to “just go along” with whatever they are told happens to “be cool” in that moment. In other words, not a lot of foundation for what may possibly be built… at least at this time. Anyone can turn their crap around; few do.

I usually don’t like to profile or jump to conclusions on appearances, but ….



I think their Facebook pages tell the story! Sounded like one of them had been recently “locked up”. Also, had a “Black Lives Matter” support post so maybe Al Sharpton will have time to come and save this young man before he makes bigger mistakes. Such a tragic mistake to start your young life with and please don’t blame on anyone but yourselves.

Great way to start your formative years of life. Gonna start your real education now; in the university of man love.

Bye Bye boys!

Gee, let’s steal SEVERAL GPS TRACKING DEVICES! How dumb can you be?

Wait “…robbery in an inhabited dwelling…” is it even possible to ROB someone without them being there?


Huh? They were there. That’s how they got beaten and robbed.

??? inhabited, uninhabited. Two different words

Sorry, I’ll break it down slower: Robbery already indicates someone is there… hence, robbery in an inhabited dwelling… begs the question, can there be robbery in an uninhabited dwelling. Sorry for not being very simple.

I know, splitting hairs. Not really relevant because it is what it is. If it was a vacant dwelling, you know; un-lived in, this would not apply. Just saying…

CA PC 212.5. (a) Every robbery of any person who is performing his or her

duties as an operator of any bus, taxicab, cable car, streetcar,

trackless trolley, or other vehicle, including a vehicle operated on

stationary rails or on a track or rail suspended in the air, and used

for the transportation of persons for hire, every robbery of any

passenger which is perpetrated on any of these vehicles, and every

robbery which is perpetrated in an inhabited dwelling house, a vessel

as defined in Section 21 of the Harbors and Navigation Code which is

inhabited and designed for habitation, an inhabited floating home as

defined in subdivision (d) of Section 18075.55 of the Health and

Safety Code, a trailer coach as defined in the Vehicle Code which is

inhabited, or the inhabited portion of any other building is robbery

of the first degree.

Wait “…robbery in an inhabited dwelling…” is it even possible to ROB someone without them being there? Political jokes aside, if a person is not there, it is burglary or theft (larceny), I thought. Oh well, more “book” to throw at them, I suppose.

Good job catching these bozo’s who wouldn’t know a dumb-ass idea if it came up and bitch-slapped them across their ignorant faces.