Arrest of Paso Robles alleged pedophile supports mother’s struggle

July 13, 2016

Robert Porter in court

For years, Tina Swithin fought to keep her brother-in-law away from her children, but the court forced her to allow some visitation at the family’s home in Paso Robles. Last month, her former brother-in-law, Jason Robert Porter, 44, was caught by another mother taking lewd photographs of her 6-year-old child.

On June 23, the Paso Robles Police Department arrested Porter and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography and committing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14.

Since his arrest, a search warrant was served on a home Jason Porter shares with his parents, Lyle and Margaret Porter. Lyle Porter is a former principal at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School and Margaret Porter is the assistant principal at Old Mission School in San Luis Obispo.

In 2004 through 2006, Jason and Lyle Porter made multiple trips to Thailand. In 2006, Jason Porter returned from Thailand with a young bride, according to online posts by Swithin. While Swithin continued to voice her concerns, a San Luis Obispo County Social Services evaluator dismissed her claims and asked the court to force Swithin to send her children to the Porter home, according to Swithin’s online posts.

Jason Porter is currently out of jail on bail. He owns and runs J Porter Construction.


On July 12, Tina Swithin posted the following account of her struggles:

Tina Swithin

Tina Swithin

Three years ago this month, the Family Court System (San Luis Obispo) finally got it right. For years, I had acted as my own attorney in a custody battle that received international media attention. I was up against my ex-husband, Seth and his attorney but also a family that defied evil. Aside from my ex-husband, my greatest fear was his disturbed older brother and his father who was known in several counties as the “pervert principal.” Even scarier, his enabling mother who worked overtime to spit-shine the family image and brush things under the rug.

While I hold my ex-husband, his brother and his father accountable for their evil ways, I find the most fault with their mother who was conscious enough and able to prevent the destruction caused by these men. Instead, she lied over and over for her family – even under oath when it came time to protect my daughters, her granddaughters. Had she not worked so hard to keep the family image perfect and shiny, many lives would have been spared pain and heartache.

On Tuesday, June 28th, I had picked up my daughters and their friend from soccer camp and we made a run to the pet store. Then the phone call from my husband came. “What is your ex-brother-in-law’s middle name?” I told him and then I heard, “Oh my God. I have the craziest news. Can you talk?” I immediately began to shake and I told the three girls to head over to the pet section and wait for me. I sat down on a bench as he read the headlines: “Mother finds her 6-year-old girl with 44-year-old man.”

I was now in the midst of full-blown PTSD and needed to get off the phone. This was my worst nightmare. I couldn’t catch my breath. I grabbed a few things from the store while in a complete daze and headed home with the girls. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to read the news which was now breaking in every media outlet in my area. My husband was choked up and I was barely holding it together.

This is the brother that I fought so hard to keep my daughters away from.

This is the man whom I live in fear of.

So many mixed feelings – while validation describes some of the feelings, it isn’t the right word because there is a victim involved.

The layers with this brother are so deep that I don’t even know where to begin. In my first book, Divorcing a Narcissist, I refer to him as, “Robert,” and for consistency sake, this is how I will refer to him here. In the beginning of my relationship with Seth, I was very close with Robert. I thought of him as a big brother. I quickly began to see things that bothered me and those things mounted to the point that I was terrified of Robert.

From 2001 to 2006, I begged and pleaded for Robert’s mom to get him help. He was homicidal, suicidal, beat puppies and made out with a 14-year old girl at a wedding. It was her first kiss…he was 30 years old. His mom sat eating chips and dip as he spoke of murdering and raping a woman – she just kept eating without missing a beat.

My first daughter, Piper, was born in 2005 and a year later, my then-husband Seth and I decided that our children would never be around this man. Their mother begged me to put my feelings aside and “pretend” to be a happy family during family gatherings and holidays. I refused. That caused major tension in the family. I didn’t care.

My second daughter was born in 2007 and I still refused to allow my children around Robert.I remember one night in 2008 during a really rocky time in my marriage, Seth took Piper to a family gathering an hour away. Seth and his mom promised me that Robert would not be present. When I found out through another family member that Robert was in fact at the gathering, I got in my car and drove to the event, barging in and removing Piper from the house. Seth’s aunt (and mom) followed me out to my car telling me how unreasonable I was. I didn’t care – I felt that strongly about protecting my children.

When Seth and I finally separated in 2009, I was insistent that Seth keep the girls away from his brother but on his first night with the girls, he brought them around Robert and they obviously conversed about me. Within an hour, I received the following text message from Robert:“First off, don’t make rules you can’t enforce you stupid cunt. Second, I don’t need anything to do with ur kids….you and Seth have obviously got them pretty fucked up already. Get a life far away from my family you greedy bitch.”

Self-doubt set in. If I stayed with Seth, I could protect my kids but divorcing him opened the door to things I couldn’t even fathom. One of my biggest concerns was Robert. This was a man who talked about raping and killing women, secretly took photos under women’s skirts in grocery stores and was extremely racist and homophobic. With all of the things I knew about Robert, I was sure that the Family Court System would uphold my wishes and listen to my concerns. I was wrong.

In 2009, I was thankful when the court issued an order that the children could not be around Robert. Seth violated this order multiple times and each time, I called the police. In 2010, a custody evaluation was completed and I listened intently as the evaluator went through her recommendations point by point. I had to leave the room and compose myself when I heard her describe the new order pertaining to Robert. He was now permitted to be around my children on 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas – the family’s favorite holidays. As long as Seth or his mother were around, they could be at Robert’s home.

The evaluator told me that I could either sign the parenting plan that she was proposing or I could fight it. If I fought it, I would be charged $3,000 for the evaluation and the court would go with her recommendation anyway. If I agreed with what she wrote, she would type it up and we would go on our merry way — I was backed into a corner. As a single mom who was barely able to buy groceries, I was intimidated by the thought of a $3,000 bill when I didn’t even have $300 to my name. I was intimidated by the reality of the Family Court System and the fact that I didn’t have an attorney. I signed the order sitting in front of me with tears in my eyes.

Seth’s mom, Cleo, had successfully sold the evaluator a rosy story about how Robert was a changed man. She said he had anger issues in the past but he had turned a new leaf – he was now married with a child. The reality was: he BOUGHT a bride on one of his disturbing excursions to Thailand. The evaluator dismissed all of my concerns and placed my children in Robert’s clutches. I was sickened to my core. Within months of the court order going into effect, Seth was already violating it. He took the girls to Robert’s house on January 2nd and claimed that the date was “close enough” to Christmas which was an approved date in the court order. I promptly called the sheriff and got the violation documented.

In 2011, Seth fought the existing order and the judge relented. Now, my daughters could be around Robert anytime as long as Cleo or Seth were present. Not only did Seth have my daughters around Robert, he began residing in his home on his weekend parenting time.

The issues began immediately. My daughters came home claiming that Robert had placed a large, blown-up, framed photo of me on his fireplace mantel – my image was taped over with electrical tape. Robert, Seth and their father referred to me as, “T-Rex” which upset my daughters on a regular basis but my biggest fear was not the photo or the names – it was my fear that Seth’s father or his brother would molest my daughters. I remember seeing a photo of Robert holding my youngest daughter in his swimming pool and I felt like vomiting.

For the past three years, my daughters have been safe – the last time they saw Robert, Seth or anyone from their family, they were 6 and 8-years old. The little girl that he was caught abusing is only six-years old. My heart breaks for this child and for her family. They are living my worst nightmare. My heart breaks for my children and for all they’ve been through. This entire week has been a fog and I’ve had to resort to Xanax to carry me through –which I rarely do. This is another example of the Family Court System failing our children – my daughters should have never been allowed in that house. Never.

This is also an example to keep fighting and never lose faith. I never believed that Robert would be caught – his parents are well-known in our community and Robert is a local business owner. His mom works so hard to keep their public image squeaky clean and perfect. They believe themselves to be untouchable and I had begun to believe that also. I believe that everything happens in God’s perfect timing – while I struggle to understand why my children suffered, your children suffer and this poor little girl is suffering, I believe that this man will finally be stopped and unable to hurt any other children. I believe this family will finally be shown for who they really are. I believe that my children will persevere and that your children will also. Never give up and never stop fighting for your babies….you never know what the next chapter holds.

The truth always prevails.

If your children have been around “Robert” (aka Jason Porter), investigators request that you call the police department at (805) 237-6464 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.


One Mom’s Battle is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission at One Mom’s Battle is to increase awareness of Cluster B personality disorders (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder) and their impact upon shared parenting and the Family Court System which includes Judges, CPS workers, Guardian ad Litems (GAL), Parenting Coordinators (PC), therapists and attorneys. Education on Cluster B disorders will allow these professionals to truly act in the best interest of the children. Please consider a donation to help with our efforts.

History of One Mom’s Battle: In 2011, One Mom’s Battle began with one mother, Tina Swithin, navigating the choppy waters of a high-conflict divorce in the Family Court System. Since then, it has turned into a grassroots movement reaching the far corners of the Earth with over 100-chapters in five different countries. In 2014, One Mom’s Battle achieved non-profit status which will allow the group to take their mission to the next level.

Divorcing a Narcissist: Tina Swithin’s books are available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Knock knock, Hi we are from CPS(the government) and we are here to help… yeah right.

Thailand is a known child sex industry hotspot. If Robert and his father Lyle both visited Thailand multiple times, maybe there should be concern about both of them. (Hopefully Lyle’s so-called nickname “Pervert Principal” is completely wrong but this story is very disturbing.)

And it IS extremely concerning that given the Catholic Church’s history of covering up sex crimes against kids, that mindset may come into play here, too. After all

The Porters have been influential at Mission and at other schools in the area.

In ’13 the Trib ran an article about Lyle’s association with a local charter school

Lyle has been involved with education in one capacity or another for a long time yet he’s allowed his allegedly

twisted perv son to live under his roof. If Tina’s account is true (I believe her) then Lyle & his wife could be considered as classic enablers.

So as mej mentioned, I hope the authorities also check out Robert’s dad Lyle. I hope he is in no way like his son but reading that he has let Robert live under his room and that he’s traveled to Thailand with his son all while making a living in “education consulting” is very concerning.

His Facebook page has been nuked but it did have a cover picture of him in the ocean with two young kids in what appeared to be an Asian country and very well could have been Thailand. Considering his alleged acts, the photo was chilling.

I think she hurt her side of the story with the misspeak about PTSD and the comment about Xanax.

Susan Claassen Borene Didn’t you used to wear his letter man jacket a lot of girls did, no one got a creepy vibe off him but his parents mom looked mean but like she was getting away with something and Lyle always looked like the cat that ate the canary he is a very creepy, lude, weird man but the kids hid it very well. Who is Seth I remember Jason and Damien what an apt name for a predator’s brother. Not a very biblical name neither is Jason or Robert or Lyle why didn’t we realize they were among us. Satan I rebuke you Porter’s, Jason and Damien and Seth to the footsteps of the cross to be judged by Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Satan get Behind me! You are not to have a foothold here Satan be gone we are strong in numbers, Be gone Porter family from our midst. This is where we are most vulnerable our children we must protect them at all costs.

I think it’s time Margaret Porter step down from her job at Old Mission School. Guilt by association is one thing, but when you actually cover, hide, and enable a pedophile you should be accountable for something. Is she going to do the same for parents at her school or dismiss reports as to not bring shame to Old Mission School? She’s just as dangerous in many ways. I hope Old Mission does the right thing. Lyle Porter left MCP for reasons that were unsavory.

I applaud this mother for her mission to protect her children and peace to her after finally being validated.

CCN–Rather than repost information from another source, please do some digging. Why is Lyle Porter no longer MCP? Where did he go after his time there? What about Jason’s Thai wife?

What do you mean”repost information from another source”? The Trib gave no background at all and CCN had previously reported on the matter when The Trib purposefully did not. Were it not for the potential for further embarrassment The Trib would not have reported this at all. They have nothing to gain and everything (their last few advertisers) to lose with any negative story about our local “community leaders”, like the Porters. The Trib is D, E, A, D, dead as far as real news is concerned. They publish press releases and event and business promotions, that’s it.

The other source being Tina’s “One Mom’s Battle”. CCN has some of the best investigative reporters in our area, I would have liked further information from them rather than a summary of Tina’s blog post and then a reprint of said blog. This was not supposed to be a slam on CCN. Just a request for them to dig and go beyond Tina’s information.

I agree that The Tribune is useless. I never even brought them up because they are a moot point when it comes to investigative journalism.

Thank you CalCoast for this insightful reporting. The Tribune did a pitiful job on this story. I can’t imagine Tina Swithin’s struggles. If this doesn’t make one aware that the judicial system is BROKEN – nothing can. Add to that County children’s services incompetence & these are the results we wind up with. A living nightmare.

Typical CPS actions in the new progressive society.

I find it ironic that this woman is writing and publishing books on Cluster B personality disorders and at the same time is making the statement “I was now in the midst of full-blown PTSD and needed to get off the phone”. There is no such clinical term as “full blown” PTSD, but this is a disorder that has a diagnostic criteria that allows it to be diagnosed when other defined symptoms are present for a period of one month or longer. Very odd, and a bit telling–especially when there is the need to throw in the term Xanax (but not very often). (Ahem).

Aside from that, there is nothing worse than a pedophile….except for a pedophile that has lots of money. They can buy children in other countries and really act out their disgusting and evil sickness–and the whole “pedophile junket” costs about $3,000 (one of the most foul things about poverty). At home, they are likely only doing a fraction of what they do out of the country. That is the reality of ‘rich pedophilia’. It is more than just sexual gratification–it is destruction of innocence and the splitting of the child’s psyche. Actions one might expect from a demon.

So…. I’m guessing Seth and Robert have the same father, Lyle, and Seth’s mother is Cleo and Robert (Jason)’s mother is Margaret?

I see the police are asking for victims of Robert to come forward, but I wonder if they should be asking potential victims of Old Mission…..I wonder if Lyle and Robert had access to the little children through Margaret?

What a sick and disgusting family. So many teachers and principals are not who they appear to be. It’s all presentation.

There is another brother unless Damien is the same as Seth this Robert /Jason Thing is very disturbing it is too confusing will confuse the kids as far as who they are talking about if they are going to come forward. I remember Jason from school he was a class behind me very quiet and he was an athlete I believe he let lots of girls wear his letter man jacket. He never had a girlfriends far as I know but it seems unfathomable this guy who seemed so normal but introverted could be doing these things. I am a victim of sexual abuse as well my own cousin who was raised in the home with me and he is now a pastor of a church but started as a Sunday school teacher. Just proves that the devil is out in full force walking around with us in these evil people. We need to stay strong we have power in numbers. It is strange the names Robert and Jason and Lyle and Damien are they biblical in nature or are they strange names for a catholic family’s boys? He should be imprisoned in solitary for life, death is too easy an escape for this man. Actually gen pop should do the trick he will wish for death out with the regular inmates.

“…It is strange the names Robert and Jason and Lyle and Damien…”

Why is it “strange”?

“…are they biblical in nature…”

Well, three of the four are names of saints. “Lyle” appears to derive from the father.

“…or are they strange names for a catholic family’s boys?..”

Do you mean “catholic” as in “universal” or do you actually mean “Catholic” as in the “Catholic Church”? I have no idea if they would be “strange” for a universal family’s boys.

Nothing “strange” about such names being given to Catholic Christian males.

Did you attend MCP perchance?