Atascadero man dies following motorcycle crash

July 19, 2016

CHP@A 65-year-old Atascadero man has died from injuries he received more than a week ago in a crash involving six motorcycles on Highway 1 near San Simeon. Glenn Paul McMahon succumbed to his injuries at 2 a.m. on Monday, according to the CHP.

On July 10 at about 2 p.m., a vehicle slowed to take a left turn on Pico Avenue in front of a group of eight motorcyclists from North San Luis Obispo County. Six of the motorcyclists did not notice the vehicle’s turn signal or brake lights, began to swerve to miss the vehicle, lost control of their motorcycles and crashed, according to a CHP press release.

Kathleen McMahon, 59, of Atascadero; Matthew Sumner, 51, of Atascadero; Michael Leland, 47, of Templeton; Gustavo Hurtado, 41, of Paso Robles and Jim Restine, 49, of Atascadero were also involved in the crash.

CHP officers do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.


“Six of the motorcyclists did not notice the vehicle’s turn signal or brake lights” – Patently absurd! One rider, perhaps, but SIX riders failed to see brake/turn lights? What, everybody’s looking at the ocean instead of the road? Ridiculous. They certainly weren’t talking on their cell phones. Pretty apparent the cage driver pulled out in front of the bikes. It has certainly happened to me multiple times in 48 years of riding. Not as close, probably, or I’d be dead. I’ve certainly many times seen an idiot move by a cage driver and thought, “if I were two seconds ahead of where I am I’d be dead”. Chance the cage driver will face consequences? Slim…


Condolences to the family, but this is why I never ride in a pack. Not only are you having to deal with incompetent car drivers you are also at the mercy of the other motorcyclists lack of situational awareness and or lack of skill.

Ride your own ride


“Six of the motorcyclists did not notice the vehicle’s turn signal or brake lights”

It is impossible to notice something that did not happen.

. A Southbound motorists had taken a photo of the south bound group of MCs just before the traffic collision. There were no cars in front of the group..

Note to CHP: Interview the riders with an open mind. Check with San Simeon liquor store and other surrounding businesses. Several of the riders claim that she pulled from the area of the liquor store, turned left in front of the group and abruptly stopped.


The CHP does very thorough accident investigations, particularly when someone is killed and multiple vehicles involved. The driver of the car could potentially face criminal charges as could the cyclists. The CHP investigation and report could become evidence in a criminal court so they are very meticulous. It will take months before a full report is released and then delivered to the D.A.’s office.