Bicyclist killed in Edna Valley crash identified

July 16, 2016
Bridget Dawson

Bridget Dawson

The California Highway Patrol has identified the bicyclist killed in Edna Valley on Thursday as 58-year-old Bridget Dawson of San Luis Obispo.

Dawson died Thursday evening after being hit by a car on Highway 227 south of Biddle Ranch Road. At around 6:45 p.m., a 53-year-old Oceano woman was traveling northbound on the highway when she drifted onto the right shoulder, where Dawson was riding.

Dawson was pronounced dead less than an hour later at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

It is unclear what caused the driver to drift onto the shoulder of the road. Investigators do not believe the driver was intoxicated at the time of the collision.

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Good question. A Tesla with autopilot enabled would have kept the car in the lane.

You do not bring a knife to a gunfight, and in the same vein, you are knowingly putting your life in danger when riding on the same road as an automobile, no matter what the circumstance was when the bicyclist was hit or killed. 2+2=4.

Ted… What are you saying with your comment? You want to ban bicycles? How about people understanding that they are in command of a 4000 plus pound machine easily capable of destroying life?

Can you point out where he said anything about banning bicycles? I believe he was referencing the calculated risk of riding on the open road beside automobiles. Something btw most people over age 45 were taught NOT to do as children.


Yes, you are correct, but some people like to read their notions into what others say in a circular reasoning way to help support their otherwise weak assertions.

In addition, the logical way to ride a bicycle back then was to ride against the current of traffic to be able to see the approaching automobile, what a novel and safe concept was that?!

Seriously? What an idiotic thing to say.

First, you were taught incorrectly. Bicycles are vehicles and must go with the flow of traffic. Read the rules. It helps.

Second, you do not SAY we should ban cycling but you insinuate that cyclist do not belong on the road. Again, incorrect. Drivers need to pay attention, put down the phone, stop Pokemon and drive. Distracted/Impaired drivers are the problem here. Don’t confuse the facts with the results. The fact is distracted/impaired drivers cause endless accidents. The results is dangerous to all vehicles/bicycles/pedestrians. We need to concentrate on the symptoms and not blame cyclists for riding on the roads they are legally able to ride on.


unfortunately, the reality is there are too many distracted drivers out there so we must factor that into the joy of riding long distances and consider there is a risk–alternatives?? Bob Jones Trail…Even driving in a car with metal and air bags all around is still risky with distracted drivers–they are lethal!!!

I wonder how many of the Slo/Edna valley’s teslas are auto piloting around the county.

Stop feeding the troll please.

These senseless killings are saddening. It’s time a huge stand be taken in this country on responsible operation of a motor vehicle and the circumstances for not doing so need to harsh. Very harsh.

But Governor Brown is trying to get licenses in more and more hands regardless of if a person can safely operate a vehicle

Even the governor to take the driving test just like you or anybody else who wants to drive with a license

Gotta pass the test (which is laughably easy) but what do you think folks without licenses and a car do now?

What is the biggest killer on the road—incompetence.

One hand off the wheel while texting or taking a phone call?

Pokemon go, netflix and facebook.

Last year I saw a SLO city motorcycle cop use both hands to unwrap a stick of gum, on broad street, at the speed limit, classy.