Fleeing driver rams CHP vehicle in Templeton, hides in dog house

July 21, 2016

CHP@A driver suspected of a hit-and-run rammed his vehicle into a California Highway Patrol SUV that was pursuing him. After failing to get away from the officer, the suspect ran and hid in a dog house, but was located and arrested.

On Wednesday, an officer responding to a hit-and-run on Santa Rita Road in Templeton noticed a white Dodge sedan with front-end damage and began following the vehicle.

Rafael Aguilaranguiano, 22, responded by ramming his car into the CHP vehicle. Aguilaranguiano then drove off, and the officer kept pursuing him.

On Main Street near Vineyard Drive, the officer performed a pit maneuver which forced the suspect off the road. The driver then exited the car and fled on foot.

Three passengers in the car — Jaime Cunningham of Atascadero, Cherish Celestine of Atascadero and Jose Medrano of San Miguel — told officers that Aguilaranguiano refused to let them out of the vehicle. Officers questioned the passengers and then released them at the scene.

Officers found Aguilaranguiano in a dog house at a nearby apartment and arrested him on charges of kidnapping, DUI, evading arrest, resisting arrest, hit-and-run, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and driving on a suspended license. His bail is set at $251,000.

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Orale Vato….casa de perro for you!

Glad nobody died. Well done CHP and all other assisting agencies!

Some real wieners, look’m up on facebook


The kidnapping charge is awesome! How are they all gonna get together and get their lies straight now!

Glad he liked that dog house, he is probably going to have his very own soon!