Jordan Cunningham supports children and education

July 21, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


As a parent, my first thought when it comes to voting for my representative is education. I need to know that my children are in good hands when I’m not with them, and that the people I help send to the capital care about their chances in school as well as their ability to get a job later in life.

This is why I’m voting for Jordan Cunningham. I’ve seen first-hand how much work he puts into making sure our kids grow up in an environment that supports success. He is a school board member, who works to make sure that parents’ investments are paying off. He also volunteers as a coach, helping to make sure kids are active and motivated, while teaching them the values of competition and sportsmanship.

With all the problems in the state, I have no reservations about sending Jordan Cunningham, a father of four and proven leader for this community, to Sacramento. I know that no matter what problems come up, he will always keep his focus on how those laws are going to affect our children.

Pam Estes has lived in Paso Robles for the past 13 years.

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Well then.

How DARE we support a college educated man who would like our next generation to have a quality education?? We can’t have that. And SHAME on him for going to law school!! He should have stayed in his parents’ basement smoking weed all day. Yeah, that’s better…

We need to elect someone who is a proponent of slashing social services and humanitarian budgets! It has been working so well… We have police officers trying to shoot autistic people and their caregivers. Why stop there? Let’s get them to shoot Grannies!! That bingo marker looked like a gun….

Jordan Cunningham would rather more of our money to go to our children, nurturing our families. SHAME ON HIM. I think the Sheriff’s department needs a unicorn catcher and Bugattis to catch all of those Grannies on the loose.

Time to cut through the crap.

If Jordan Cunningham’s Daddy wasn’t a DA, would he have ever got a job with the DA’s office?

Cunningham’s whole career as an attorney depended on nepotism, and now he is parlaying his connections from the slimy world of legal affairs to the sleazy occupation of politics.

Avoid! Vote for whoever the hell is running against Cunningham.

You make it sound like it’s unique Cunningham may have used nepotism to get a job. This goes on daily with many in government. Many families have both spouses working in government, children, extended family, it’s the government way.

I didn’t think Lee Cunningham at the DA’s office was any relation to Jordan.

Regardless, pretty sure a position as a local DA was a step down for Jordan, given the law school he went to, his federal clerkship, and the rest of his resume, but it was a step he was willing to take in order to be able to raise his family in the community in which he grew up.

The only thing “slimy” [sic] and sleazy here is your uninformed post.

What is his position on important issues like puppies and kitties?

…as opposed to those running against him who DO NOT support children and education?

I am so sick of these political hack pieces. Oooo, a real risk-taker, putting yourself out there to support children and education! *shock* *awe* No one would EVER dare such a premise.

I’m voting for the candidate who says, “I hate kids and think education is a waste!” How’s that?! That thought represent too many other candidates?

What this simplistic trite translates into is this:

[Insert Politician’s Name Here] has no problem giving away money that is not his or hers to projects I happen to support in order to feel better about myself!

Let’s just be honest about it.