Fresno police release video of officers killing unarmed man

July 14, 2016


Amid a national debate on fatal police shootings, the Fresno Police Department released body camera footage showing officers shooting and killing an unarmed 19-year-old man. By doing so, Fresno police broke ranks with other law enforcement agencies, which rarely easily release body camera footage. [LA Times]

On June, 25 Fresno police were pursuing a pickup truck driven by Dylan Noble, a white man. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a news conference that officers were responding to a report of a man with a rifle.

When Noble stopped his truck, the teen disobeyed orders that officers were shouting. Nobel got out of the truck, walked toward the officers, retreated, then began approaching the officers again.

As Noble was walking, he appeared to be carrying an object in his right hand that officers believed  could be a weapon, Noble said. The teen was also heard saying he hates his life.

One officer shot Noble twice, causing the teen to fall on the ground. Noble was then seen moving his hand into his waistband under his shirt.

The officer then fired a third shot, and about twelve seconds later, another officer fired a fourth bullet into the teen.

Investigators determined the object in Noble’s hand was a 4-inch plastic container with malleable clay.

Dyer said he decided to release the graphic footage due to the intense public interest in the shooting.

An internal police investigation into the shooting is ongoing. The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office is also conducting an investigation.

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When do the protests and looting start?

All you naysayers seem to believe that the police should wait until a police officer is killed before they can use deadly force. I doubt you would think that if you were a LEO or a relative of one. There is no way they could have known that this person was not capable of inflicting deadly harm to one of them. That’s why you comply to orders to show hands and get on the ground. Argue about it later if you have a problem with their orders. While you are still alive and can do so.

Why are people so stupid? It does not matter if your black or white, if you don’t listen to the cops. When they say show me your hands, or get on the ground, just do it. This wasn’t a killing it was a suicide.

The question is not “was the shooting justified”‘ but rather, “was the shooting necessary?”

Why not use a non-lethal tactic to take the teenager down, they had the dog & I assume they had lasers they were close enough to use (in the photos)? One officer suggested using the

dog but they all kept on shouting & psyching one another up for the kill.

No gun or rifle was ever seen or found!

Why did they arrive & attack with guns drawn? When they first saw his truck he was in a dirt field doing spins, he did not have camouflage clothes on as the person reported at the airport.

He did not speed-away but simply drove to a parking area off the road.

They apparently had the wrong guy.

The officers that shot him when he was down & gut sho twice will undoubtedly face severity,

Fresno police now have had more officer shooting incidents that LA.

Why did they drawn guns? Umm report of man with rifle.


The could have used a beanbag gun, a taser, a dog, pepperspray, flashbang grenade, their hands, etc. but noooo the cops were in fear for their life so they took someone else’s. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!!!

I suggest to all the arm chair Q.B’s, watch this video (one on top dated Jan. 27 with graphic warning) see how a LOT of this is split second decisions, then come back here and start debating.

I like the closing question at end of video. So can you??

I completely agree the kid forced the cops to shoot, HOWEVER, once he was down, I think they should have cuffed him immediately and started attending to his wounds.

He was reaching for the bullet holes in his chest without even being conscience about it.

You can see that he hardly reacted to the additional shots when he was already on the ground. You could see his hands were empty, and moving slow. They could have easily grabbed and cuffed him. I don’t think law enforcement is being trained enough to deal with the adrenaline rush of these situation – if that is something you can even train someone.

It is very unfortunate that the kid was shot. That said, who in their right mind willing faces multiple weapons aimed at them and refuses to obey? It’s really simple, lay down and spread eagle. This kid chose to walk right into a firing squad. One has to have a death wish to do so.

It is basic common sense, when guns are pointed at you, even if you have just done the Ghost Dance, do as The Man says. There is only one path for not doing so.

If you decide to resist arrest you should expect to kill or be killed. There is no middle option. There was nothing else the Officers could have or should have done.


The could have used a beanbag gun, a taser, a dog, pepperspray, flashbang grenade, their hands, etc.