Fresno police release video of officers killing unarmed man

July 14, 2016


Amid a national debate on fatal police shootings, the Fresno Police Department released body camera footage showing officers shooting and killing an unarmed 19-year-old man. By doing so, Fresno police broke ranks with other law enforcement agencies, which rarely easily release body camera footage. [LA Times]

On June, 25 Fresno police were pursuing a pickup truck driven by Dylan Noble, a white man. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a news conference that officers were responding to a report of a man with a rifle.

When Noble stopped his truck, the teen disobeyed orders that officers were shouting. Nobel got out of the truck, walked toward the officers, retreated, then began approaching the officers again.

As Noble was walking, he appeared to be carrying an object in his right hand that officers believed  could be a weapon, Noble said. The teen was also heard saying he hates his life.

One officer shot Noble twice, causing the teen to fall on the ground. Noble was then seen moving his hand into his waistband under his shirt.

The officer then fired a third shot, and about twelve seconds later, another officer fired a fourth bullet into the teen.

Investigators determined the object in Noble’s hand was a 4-inch plastic container with malleable clay.

Dyer said he decided to release the graphic footage due to the intense public interest in the shooting.

An internal police investigation into the shooting is ongoing. The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office is also conducting an investigation.

Indy thinker

“Let me see your hands” or “Put your hands up” shouted 18 times before the first shot. What are we arguing about?


Suicide by cop. The guy escalated the situation by his refusal to obey lawful orders. If officers with drawn weapons are telling you to get on the ground, and you instead walk toward them while reaching behind your back, you’re going to end up dead.


why were the cops driving with their weapons drawn already? did they intend to kill him?

tasers, dogs, negotiation? any deescalation techniques? any thug can shoot a mentally ill teenager.

yes this proves cops are willing to kill anybody who doesnt listen too them.


And a mentally ill teenager can shoot, basically anybody


Suicide by cop?


Unfortunate that the kid never learned how to follow orders.

Even when given an unlawful order, you should follow orders and then protest later.

Fresno has a reputation for occupying the bottom end of the I.Q. Bell Curve.


The Fresno police most definitely occupy the bottom end. Unlawful orders are just that, unlawful. Just because cops seem obsessed with killing civilians these days does not mean they are gods. We do not have to respect unlawful orders from anyone, gun in their hand or not. Attitudes like yours are why we’ve come to this point.

Indy thinker

Attitudes like yours is just what this kid had… that’s how he got shot.

Rule #1: Don’t run from cops

Rule #2: Listen and do what a cop says

Rule #3: If you decide to follow either of those two… don’t do it with some foreign object in your hand


What unlawful orders in this incident are you referring to?

Jorge Estrada

I may have taken a chance on this ignorant kid but over time it will be my ignorance that gets me killed. Sadly, for their personal safety, the officers appear to have done what they had to do. It could be argued that if they intended to kill him, there would have been head shots as in their training. I am very curious to how the driver obtained a drivers license, is he mentally ill or does he not have the capacity to follow orders? This is a good example of, “insubordinate suicide,” a personal choice.


If police truly feel threatened, why don’t they just pop him in the leg once or twice? Then the perp would be maimed but not dead. Truly this man was depressed and needed help, but it’s too late for that.


My understanding is, with the mere seconds in these situations, police are trained to hit large part of body (torso) and NOT waste time trying to aim for a body part like leg that takes more time to aim as smaller area to hit.

Why don’t you put on the badge and go try and then tell us all how easy it is.

Rich in MB

This isn’t a Hollywood movie, when the use of Deadly Force is justified, it is used.

There is no policy or training for a leg shot…yes it is sad and tragic, but there is only one person to blame the poor tortured soul that was shot.


Well thanks for explaining.. I was not understanding the situation. But special thanks to other commenter for jumping down my throat over it.


Didn’t realize there was anyone out there that doesn’t get this. All I see in the media is bashing cops over every little aspect of their job that is a HARD job.

I saw a video last week on the net that was a compilation of about twenty stops caught on cam. They were SHOCKING!! Good portion started off looking routine, guy getting out of car and BOOM in two seconds (no exaggeration) here comes gun and shooting. I, even defending them, was SHOCKED how FAST it all went and thinking I wouldn’t have even had time to react.

I just wish that everyone before bashing cops would take 2 seconds and PUT yourself in the cops position. Look at your watch and time yourself. How would you react and could you react when these unfold fast?

If you thought this was jumping down you throat then so be it. This is a serious subject that needs serious thought and discussion.

Indy thinker

All firearms training teaches first that the pulling of that trigger is to put down a threat and is a last resort. No one trains you to aim at any limb or to fire a warning shot. Double tap to center mass and then reassess the situation. Further action is warranted if the perpetrator is still a threat.


Maybe schools should teach an 8th grade course to teens in how to respond to police orders.


They can’t they are too busy teaching LGBT issues and telling students they can use any bathroom they want.


I’m new round these parts but it seems like thou doth protest LGBT issue a bit too much.

Just sayin.


There was one person in that scenario that had all the power to prevent that shoot from going down. That person was Noble. Had he complied from the get go, or anytime up till that point the officer was forced to stop his threat, this would not be news.It’s a completely legit shooting. What we just witnessed here was quite simply Suicide by Cop. He got EXACTLY what he wanted.