Los Osos burglars identified, one gets away

July 2, 2016
Angela McGee

Angela McGee

A pair of Los Osos residents who allegedly burglarized 10 to 15 of their neighbors were discovered with stolen property on Thursday

San Luis Obispo County deputies were investigating a report of two suspicious people prowling through garages and several yards in the 2300 block of Oak Ridge Drive. Deputies then found Ross Munson, 25, and Angela McGee, 31, in the area and spoke with them.

However, Munson ran away while officers detained McGee. Additional deputies and K9 units were brought in to search for Munson, but were unable to locate him.

Deputies then searched a car the suspects were driving and discovered several thousands of dollars in stolen property, much of which had been stolen earlier on Thursday. Deputies are working to return some of the stolen property to its owners.

McGee was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. She has since been released from custody.

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Not having seen Munson was he run from Megee or the police? Either way seems like an option.

“obviously happy about the three squares and a cot”

Ironic, but there is probably some truth to it!

“She has since been released from custody.” Does this statement piss anybody else off, or is it just me? Thanks to Cali liberals and prop 47. These tweekers have no worries in the world; (until they meet the resident protecting themselves)

It is frustrating!! I guess because she was only booked for “Suspicion of receiving stolen property”, not the actual burglary? I’m she she told the cops it wasn’t her breaking in…so of course with her more than honest smile, they Must have believed her! OR They told her, “You tell us who was with you and we give you a lesser charge!” More like it! Too bad she was out to celebrate the 4th….can’t make her miss the party ya know!

But if I was her neighbor, I would be furious with the Police! Oh Great! They caught her!! OMG they let her go to rob us again?

Is that her mugshot????? She obviously has not a care in the world…Tweak city!

She was obviously happy about the three squares and a cot she will be receiving.

No facial wasting in the buccal area (hollowed-out cheeks) and no dental or incisor erosion (meth-mouth). Affirmative on the heroin pallor though.