Phony bomb threats leads to Avila beach evacuation

July 2, 2016

avila-beach-pierAvila Beach was the subject of a bomb scare Friday night after a man called the Pismo Beach Police Department with a claim that he had planted two bombs at the Inn at Avila Beach and another bomb on the waterfront. The caller claimed the bombs were set to go off at 5:20 p.m.

Shortly before 5 p.m., San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Avila Beach to evaluate the threat. Deputies evacuated people from the Avila Beach Inn and the waterfront, while permitting the large crowds gathered at Farmer’s Market to remain.

After searching the hotel, at approximately 6:30 p.m., deputies permitted hotel guests to return to their rooms. The waterfront was reopened at 8:30 p.m.

Investigators are now focused on discovering the identity of the man who made the phony threat.

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Once again the world’s foremost authority chimes in to take a swipe at something..

The sheriff’s dispatcher called thestaff at the Inn at Avila Beach and advised them they had received a bomb threat for their hotel. This was done even before the deputies arrived on scene.

I’m sure CCN can verify this with the hotel staff if needed.

Law enforcement provided false/incorrect information. The bomb threats were not specific to the Inn at Avila Beach, they were for “a” hotel in Avila Beach, no specific hotel was specified.

What is really sad is that for about $5 in untraceable bitcoin, one can have an over-seas “group” phone in anonymous bomb threats via the “dark” web. That’s what all those false alarms were earlier in the year / late last year in the various school districts. Most media outlets figured out they were just giving free advertising to these nefarious dark-web trolls, so they stopped sensationalizing the bomb threats.

It is a serious problem for our PC-style law enforcement, what happens when anyone can willy-nilly phone in a bomb threat from China or Albania (or wherever)?

Perhaps a disgruntled Diablo Canyon employee who just found out his job was ending?????

I was there on San Miguel st., when this happened. Local law enforcement responded with,

“All hands on deck”; was great to witness their response. Well coordinated, professional and extremely protective of the individuals that have come here to enjoy the area…..

Unfortunately they also provided false information to the public. The bomb threat was not specific to any hotel.