Nipomo man arrested for attempted murder

July 23, 2016
Pedro Santiago

Pedro Santiago

Santa Maria police arrested a 41-year-old Nipomo man for the attempted murder of a man at a Santa Maria gas station on Thursday.

On Friday evening, officers pulled Pedro Santiago over on the 900 block of North Broadway in Santa Maria. During a search of Santiago’s vehicle, police discovered several firearms. Officers then booked Santiago into the Santa Barbara County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder.

Later Friday evening, police served a search warrant at a residence associated with Santiago on Orchard Road in Nipomo. Officers discovered hand guns, assault-type rifles and a large quantity of ammunition.

The search resulted in two additional arrests. Police arrested Franklin Edgar Lopez, 25 of Nipomo and Rafael Lopez, 21, of Nipomo on charges related to the possession of firearms.

At 4:11 p.m. on Thursday, after an alleged argument in Spanish at the Conserv Fuel on Betteravia Road, Santiago allegedly returned to his white truck, pulled out a gun and shot the driver of a black SUV in the head.

A helicopter then transported the victim to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. The extent of the victim’s injuries is unknown, but the man is expected to survive, according to the Santa Maria Police Department.

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I wonder if this is another crime from more illegal Aliens? Just wondering.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I agree with the others, although getting this perp off the streets is big, there are literally thousands more ‘Pedro Santiago’s’ out there, and none are safe if all aren’t safe.

Unfortunately, Santa Maria City officials embraced ‘Sanctuary City’ policies, and now the town is overrun with the gangster element ready to kill you if you disrespect them.. These people are here compliments of Big Ag, the wealthy farmers and their owned politicians.

SB North County leaders Steve Lavignino, Alice Patino, and Terry Zuniga all have promoted a liberal deal for the farmworkers, all the while expecting the taxpaying public to pay for their scheme.

Reject Big Ag Irresponsible Strawberry Growers.

Reject Lawless Gangsters

Reject Sanctuary City Politicians

Vote in November!

The NRA wants weapons pumped into the community. Not once has Obama made a single mention of confiscation of guns but knuckleheads havecsaid for 7.5 years that ANY DAY is the day.

speaking of knuckleheads

Great job for the LE Community, you are all wonderful! I prayer for your dedication, safety and service, God bless you all.

YES, prayers for our men and women in law enforcement.

Dollars to donuts this POS isn’t an NRA member, and probably wouldn’t know California’s gun laws if they bit him in the ass.

Yet someone somewhere will try to blame the NRA for this lowlife.

They’ll blame the NRA and “…assault-type rifles and a large quantity of ammunition…” What a crock of mustang muffins.

Having weapons and ammo in the home isn’t inherently illegal, unless you’re a convicted felon or a fugitive.

Other newspaper reports indicate someone in his home was a felon in possession of a firearm.

Pure speculation, but I’m guessing:

1) Guns in his vehicle were loaded

2) Handguns were not registered

Sounds like a real upstanding citizen and NRA member to me.

It’s not necessarily against the law to have firearms and ammo in one’s house if one is a “fugitive.”

Not all handguns needs to be registered in CA.

You sound like a liar (or mentally impaired) given your comment “Sounds like…and NRA member to me.”