Oceano man who caught great white shark turns himself in

July 13, 2016

Shark pose

An Oceano man who caught a great white shark and posed with the fish turned himself in to authorities Tuesday. The man surrendered himself to California Fish and Wildlife officers after the agency circulated photos of him with the shark.

Joshua Ramsey Carr, 25, caught the great white shark on June 22 and posed with it on the Pismo Beach Pier. The shark was eventually thrown back in the water, but not before onlookers shot photos and videos of Carr with the fish.

It is unclear how long Carr kept the great white out of the water.

The great white shark is an endangered species. It is illegal to fish for great white sharks in California, and if a fisherman catches one, he is required to release it immediately.

Carr faces a fine of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to six months for hooking the shark and not immediately releasing it. Fish and Wildlife officials have turned over the case to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.


Great whites are “endangered” on the coast of California only because Orcas scared them off.


The DFG and HSUS are one and the same. Both are out to bully and defraud the taxpayers.


Yes Togazzini was suspended for beating his wife. She recanted when someone pointed out he would lose his job and she her meal ticket if she pressed charges.

Charges dismissed and he went back to work. It was about 15 years ago.


Is Tognazzini the POS that cited the homeless man for catching, cooking and eating a fish in SLO? Maybe it would be more effective to fire individuals like Tognazzini and use the savings to teach more people how to fish so they can feed themselves?


I believe you are correct.


Apparently Fish and Game is able to operate outside of Constitutional law. The worst crime imaginable is to poach on the King’s game resources.


He is relentless.Twenty years a go or so while fishing on the Cayucos pier, Todd, while dressed in civilian clothes, kayaked around the pier counting the number of lines in the water and number of fisherman, then changed into his uniform and walked out on the pier checking catches and issuing citations.


That guy is a POS. He did a real number of the SLO County Sportsmen’s Association out on Highway 1. He’s what’s known as a “wasted paycheck.”


“Wasted paycheck” applies to all law enforcement employees.


here’s video from last months ceano’s CSD meeting.


This is what we spend our tax dollars on?

Wardens like Todd Tognazzini are the reason a lot of hunters go out of state. Too many cop wannabees running around in the Fish and Game Department.


No…this how THEY (the state) wastes our tax dollars.


Bingo! And I hear he is training his protégé to be an ahole too. Next time you see Todd, ask him why he was suspended several years ago. Possibly for DV? I don’t know exactly, but I hear he completely lucked out to keep his job.


Yea its absurd that you cant pick and choose the laws you get to follow.

If you spent 1/4 the time working to change the law that you spend whining about those laws, maybe you could make an impact. Likely not in this bureaucracy but at least your could say you did something about the perceived wrong.