Oceano man who caught great white shark turns himself in

July 13, 2016

Shark pose

An Oceano man who caught a great white shark and posed with the fish turned himself in to authorities Tuesday. The man surrendered himself to California Fish and Wildlife officers after the agency circulated photos of him with the shark.

Joshua Ramsey Carr, 25, caught the great white shark on June 22 and posed with it on the Pismo Beach Pier. The shark was eventually thrown back in the water, but not before onlookers shot photos and videos of Carr with the fish.

It is unclear how long Carr kept the great white out of the water.

The great white shark is an endangered species. It is illegal to fish for great white sharks in California, and if a fisherman catches one, he is required to release it immediately.

Carr faces a fine of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to six months for hooking the shark and not immediately releasing it. Fish and Wildlife officials have turned over the case to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.


If he is prosecuted for this it is absolute government overreach.

I’m okay with publicizing the incident for education purposes but honestly … Prosecuting?

Is there any evidence that the shark died or did it wash up on beach?

The fish and game guy Togazzini that is leading the charge is known as a hard ass and not professional. I’m sure he is handeling this like a mass murder case.


The California Dept of Fish and Wildlife has been hijacked and corrupted by the professional liars and fascist Animal Rights wackos of the HSUS.

The HSUS is even trying to ban lead fishing weights.


The last local bank robbery didn’t have this much publicity. Ridiculous.

Indy thinker

Has he been cited/charged or is the investigation still going to see if he did anything wrong? He has not “turned himself in” as much as he just came forward since every news outlet was plastering this photo everywhere. If i was fishing and caught this shark, i would probably do something similar to what he did by taking photos (when are you gonna see a shark this close?) but i would not take more than a minute and toss him back. And I definitely would not have harmed it if he gaffed it as it was “supposedly” reported.

Mitch C

If a great white catches a swimmer does it know that it must release the swimmer immediately or be investigated by the DA with the possibility of civil and criminal penalties. If this is all our government has to address, we need a whole lot less government.

Indy thinker

That shark better register those teeth as assault weapons. He better not have more than ten teeth loaded at one time.


He could have used it for chum and caught a big one!


I might add that DFG is one of the worst agencies when it comes to oppressive enforcement. The completely bogus “lead bullet” ban has been used by them to intimidate people and numerous bogus citations written. Some of their wardens use ridiculous probable cause to stop people and then cite them using the most asinine reasoning. Not all of their wardens, just a select few that have their head where the sun doesn’t shine.

There has never been any proof whatsoever that “hunter’s lead” in carcasses contributes to lead poisoning in condors. Even if there was, they could easily have accomplished the same goal by just requiring proper disposal of the carcass. It is all about control and oppression.


Big deal. The shark is fine apparently.

Rich in MB

Really….$1000 and 6 months in Jail…

This guy needs a warning…it’s not like he was trafficking in Top Secrete Emails or National Security Secrets for heavens sake. He caught a fish, took a photo, and released it.


Rich I’m a little shocked at your statement. He would have been better to have had emails instead. No fines, no jail, no nothing.

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