Paso Robles man allegedly molested multiple children

July 16, 2016
Jason Robert Porter

Jason Robert Porter


Paso Robles police arrested Jason Robert Porter early Saturday morning on 23 charges related to the alleged sexual molestation of multiple local children.

At 1 a.m. today, officers arrested Porter on charges of oral copulation or penetration of a child under 10, lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14, and possessing photos of children engaged in sexual acts. Paso Robles police then booked Porter into the San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $7 million bail.

On June 23, Paso Robles police first arrested Porter, 44, after a woman found him taking lewd photographs of her 6-year-old daughter. Porter was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography and committing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14. He quickly posted bail and was released.

Last week, police served a search warrant on a home Jason Porter shares with his parents, Lyle and Margaret Porter. Following the search, police attempted to identify children from pornographic photos found in the Porter home, sources said.

Earlier today, Paso Robles police found Porter in Pasadena and took him into custody.

Lyle and Margaret Porter are having an estate sale this weekend, according to several online ads. Lyle Porter is a former principal at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School and Margaret Porter is the assistant principal at Old Mission School in San Luis Obispo.

For years, local author Tina Swithin fought to keep her brother-in-law, Robert Porter, away from her children, but the court forced her to allow some visitation with the uncle at the family’s home in Paso Robles.

“From 2001 to 2006, I begged and pleaded for Robert’s mom to get him help,” Swithin posted online. “He was homicidal, suicidal, beat puppies and made out with a 14-year old girl at a wedding. It was her first kiss…he was 30 years old. His mom sat eating chips and dip as he spoke of murdering and raping a woman – she just kept eating without missing a beat.”

While Swithin worked through the system to protect her children, a San Luis Obispo County Social Services evaluator dismissed her claims and asked the court to force Swithin to send her children to the Porter home, according to Swithin’s online posts.

After Lyle Porter left Mission Prep under questionable circumstances, they moved to Saudi Arabia for several years to work at a school.

In 2004 through 2006, Jason and Lyle Porter made multiple trips to Thailand. In 2006, Jason Porter returned from Thailand with a young bride, according to online posts by Swithin. Jason Porter, his parents, his wife and their two small children have since shared a home in Paso Robles.


First, I’m angry about this! Second, if these charges are true, I believe a lawsuit of mega proportions is in order. By my name, I’m Catholic, and a member of this diocese, Monterey. There must be a 3rd party investigation. I’ve no faith in Dow, he will not proceed to prosecute the diocese. We can not accept another whitewashing by the DA, the Bishop or the members of the board of MCP….


Dan Dow is very trustworthy!


I love satirical rebuttals. Dow is a poor excuse of a DA. Did you not read where he was arrested and released recently, only too commit heinous acts again!!!!!


if you are going to slander someone’s name by innuendo then have the intelligence to post the proof. I am curious why you are attacking a man who has made the issue of human trafficking a top priority for our county?



Get your information straight. Jason Porter was arrested for the picture taking, posted bail and was released.

The Paso police got a warrant to search his house, found on line child pornography, determined that there were PREVIOUS local victims, had the perp rearrested where he is now under a 7 million dollar bail.

So far, nothing to do with Dan Dow. If you think Dow is a poor excuse for a Da, then I contend you are a poor excuse for an informed citizen.


Sir, I understand your allegiance to Dow, that’s fine, your opinion. Mine is different, equal, but just as important. If your informed as you claim to be, follow the last few years, and some of the issues that have arisen while Dow was in the DA’s office. This is not a isolated case.

His JOB is to get involved and prosecute illegal activities, that hasn’t been done….



The DA’s Offices reviews cases for possible criminal filing once they are referred after having been investigated by an investigative agency.

In this case, the Paso Robles Police Department is still actively investigating Jason Porter and has filed criminal charges.


Dow’s history with the DA’s office is sketchy…

Kaiser Bill

Most likely someone who works under Dan Dow is posting this.

Dow takes way too many plea deals in tough cases while notching up pyrrhic victories like the Los Osos “Sex and human trafficking” case involving a girl who drove the convict HERSELF from SF to Los Osos. Dow picks off the low hanging fruit to pad his resume. SLO County needs a competent DA from outside the County who isn’t part of the Good Ol boys network.


People!!! Another reason why we need to support CCN!!!! Please go and donate to Karen and staff so they can continue to report the TRUTH!!!


More CCN lies! He is completely innocent and Adam Hill is a trusted and wonderful public servant.


…I got it… *sheesh*


The real question here is what the hell is the matter with these people at social services, I almost can’t believer that some GOVT PUBLIC SERVENT would force Tina to let her children visit her ex husband with a piece of trash like this in residence also.

How about spilling the beans on the questionable problems at Mission Prep,this sounds like a house full of degenerates.


Based on this, Margaret Porter needs to be fired. She and Lyle do not deserve the benefit of the doubt when child pornography is found in their home. ESPECIALLY under the circumstances throughout the years. How could the school allow her to be around little children when she obviously doesn’t care about her own grandchildren. This is sickening, but not surprising. Not surprising at all.


Sounds like Tina Swithin may have grounds for a law suit and someone should go to the hardware store for some ropes, after the fair impartial hearings.


This dirtbag truly deserves the death penalty.


Why is this type of abhorrent behavior becoming so pervasive? Are men feeling so emasculated that they are turning to our children for some sort sick gratification?

Perhaps it’s time to reopen the mental facilities we once had in order to deal with this pedophilia scourge.that is destroying young lives.


Men? I believe “Religion” is the the word you were looking for.


Thank you for the information CCN. This answered a lot of questions with regard to your last article.

When you wrote that Lyle Porter left MCP under “questionable circumstances”, what does that mean?


Probably means the school is not going to tell unless they have to.


Remember the CCN about the Reagan Library trip? I wonder how much Margaret Porter had to do with trying to keep that under wraps.


Hey, if masturbating on the bus to the Reagan Library is a crime then lock me up too.


“The school” is the Archdiocese of Monterey. I’m guessing that Porter is one of many and “the school” does not want to open that can of worms. Porter can probably name names and got a sweet retirement package in exchange for silence.