Poll shows Justin Fareed leading in congressional race

July 19, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed


Last week, a new poll showed Justin Fareed leading career politician Salud Carbajal in the race to replace Lois Capps in California’s 24th District. Fareed is up by two points, leading 46 percent to 44 percent.

Additionally, “a plurality of voters in the district (38 percent) would prefer a Congressperson who has never held office,” a clear sign that Carbajal’s insider status will hurt him in November. Voters have just begun to get to know Carbajal, and they don’t like him.

Carbajal’s vulnerabilities are real and will move the needle as more 24th District families learn just how out of touch he is.

Here’s why Fareed is beating Carbajal:

Career politician Salud Carbajal puts party politics before the people.

“Democrat Salud Carbajal is an insider [who’s] got the support of Capps and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,” according to the Pacific Coast Business Times.

Endorsed by Lois Capps and Nancy Pelosi, Salud Carbajal is proving to be just another political insider who will vote the way the DC establishment tells him to with total disregard for the people of the Central Coast.

DCCC and Carbajal campaign try to hide corrupt fundraising tactics.

“Carbajal led the successful charge to approve a highly questionable billionaire’s bailout on behalf of Los Angeles developer…who is unto shopping malls what Walt Disney was to theme parks,” according to the Santa Barbara Independent. 

Carbajal is bought and paid for by outside special interest groups. In 2011, Carbajal took $15,000 from an LA developer, then voted to offer his contributor a $15-million-dollar tax break. The Santa Barbara Independent deemed the arrangement as “getting a bonus just for showing up to work.”

There’s more where that came from. After 12 years of giving special consideration to contributors, Carbajal will have to answer serious questions about his corrupt fundraising tactics.

Carbajal will say whatever it takes to get elected.

While many middle class families along the Central Coast have struggled to get ahead, Carbajal has approved millions in tax increases and thousands in fees on the middle class over the last 12 years as a county supervisor. Carbajal raised taxes for transportation on working families, as a “reminder of why we tax ourselves.”

Supervisor Salud Carbajal

Supervisor Salud Carbajal

Carbajal also voted to raise fees on new Santa Barbara County homeowners, and voted to double fees for county parks.

“Despite warnings from the construction and building industry that raising the fees for permit processing was both counterproductive and insensitive…,” according to the Lompoc Record.

If raising taxes and fees on working families isn’t bad enough, Carbajal voted for a $30 increase in land development permits to pay for higher salaries and benefits for government employees.

Carbajal looks out for his best interests, not Central Coast values.

“[Carbajal] has tens of thousands of dollars in personal credit card debt. According to financial disclosure forms, the amount is between $35,001 and $80,000,” according to the Santa Barbara Independent.

Carbajal voted to increase his pay four separate times while mismanaging his own personal finances.

Zach Hunter is the regional press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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I do not know Carbajal, but he is surround and supported by a team of socialist vampires. This group does not represent my values nor do they promote self motivation.

A vote for Carbajah is a vote for the Mexican/Central American immigrant population (legal and illegal) including more benefits for this population at the expense of the middle class. This is the only world Carbajal knows, and you can expect that he will support this portion of the population, and then will automatically vote Democratic just as Lois Capps did, without any real knowledge of the issues.

Unfortunately, unlike Capps, Carbajah lives large (beyond his means) so that is another potential problem with him personally.

I’m voting for Fareed. His medical connections come from his family business as his father created and sells a medical device used by doctors and hospitals. He is eager to serve everyone–not just immigrants.

Please folks, go watch the Vice episode on congressman and what they do during an average day then come back and argue that any politician will serve the average voter. At that level of public office you work 24×7 to get reelected. And accept everything that goes with that effort.

Fareed is a hack funded by large healthcare organizations and over half of his political contributions come from outside this district. Many of his big donors have ties to the medical industry, too. They are just looking for a puppet who’s strings they can pull when they want a say in healthcare funding and policy. Check out one of Fareed’s buddies Rechnitz Facilities. Currently being charged with elder abuse in a few of their facilities… they are big players in healthcare.

I want to vote for someone local with local ties. I don’t have a big trust for folks that come in with lots of money from out of the area. Not that the Resnicks are running for office, but look how they’ve treated SLO County.

“folks that come in with lots of money from out of the area” kind of sums up Carbajal, so you must now trust him even more.

Not really. I’m not fond of either candidate. And certainly not Katchko.

Political hack with “big outside money” (or whatever tantrum): That about sums up EVERYONE who runs for national office in either the Democrat or Republican Party.

So what is your point?

Except trump and carpenter

The race between these two, Carbajal and Fareed, is dumb and dumber.

Carbajal got the backing of the Democrat Party for being Hispanic in public.

Fareed is a trust fund baby who has received millions of dollars in donations from shady rest home owners with names like Shlomo Reichnitz, in return for Fareed promising less government oversight of elderly care facilities.

Not endorsing anyone but this is just a political add that happens to be free on CCN. It’s only has just begun. Wait till the Democratic Party starts their funding to replace the puppet Capps. It will be interesting to see if the Republican Party will match the Democratic funds.

The bottom line as most of us are figuring out is that it’s all about the money and who wants to buy the position most.

They almost never do. At least not in California, nor on a national level. Democrats are so intertwined with large corporations and special interests – the very thing most of their low-information supporters claim to loathe. Trust me, if the republicans could sell their souls as well as the democrats, they would.

..to much crap here. Most Politian’s CCs are high in deficits unless they are paying them off with kickbacks or are “forgiven” the loans. And their homes are mortgaged to the hilt.

And I see the RNC has picked up the handsome man whom communicates well and stays on message of the continuing puppeteers.

All of this is irrelevant. Voters don’t care about facts and information. Fareed can never beat Carbajal. the only person that had a chance to do that was Achadjian. For Fareed to think he could get enough Democrats and Independents to go his way was arrogant. So now we are right back where we were with Capps. Thanks for nothing.

Sad to say a Vote for Katcho was the same as a vote for the Dems. The voters finally woke up to that fact.

How so? Fareed is never going to get elected in this district, ever. No Democrats will cross the line for him. If Katcho had come in second, then there was a good chance he would win and there would be some back and forth during his term. Now we are going to wind up with a party-line Democrat from start to finish.

That’s very good news for the District.

Sending a Democrat to Washington DC to be in the minority will get the District what?…Nada.

Sending a Republican to DC to be in the Majority and one that the party will want to win re-election will give Fareed a much higher profile and say in public policy.

If the District wants to have a say in DC…then they should vote for Fareed.

Your logic escapes me. Capps was once a member of the Majority party and still didn’t do much for us as she was a tool of the Democrat machine more than an advocate for her district. Initially this can be excused as neither party machine is inclined to give newbie congressman too much say but she never moved much beyond that.

Fareed has shown me nothing that indicates he wouldn’t be the same as a Republican. His support comes mostly from the GOP and from the nursing home industry as far as I can tell. Is he just another ambitious young politician who says what he thinks his “base” wants to hear? Pending evidence to the contrary, I am inclined to think so.

This race leaves me feeling the same way the presidential contest does — there are no realistic good choices. (The main difference is that the consequences of a bad Representative is not as severe as that of a bad President.) I will likely vote for someone else just to let both parties know that their candidate choices are unacceptable to me.