Why does the Tribune celebrate Islam on July 4?

July 4, 2016

Tribune news standOPINION by OTIS PAGE

On July 4 – a day of celebration of the Nation’s birth – the Tribune’s front page article celebrates Islam – the ending of Ramadan.

Dismissing the fact that the Nation’s founders were all Christians – the transparent editorial purpose of the SLO Tribune is to confirm President Barack Obama’s apparent support of Islam. In separate articles written by a NY Times author, the articles say Hillary Clinton’s  “first day” in office while castigating Donald Trump for an alleged “racist tweet.” Racist because like sheriff badges, it had a star with six points.

Really! It is obvious the Tribune is fully coordinated with the Democrat’s political objectives to support Obama’s pro Muslim campaign and the election of Hillary Clinton to succeed him. And at the same time to disparage the Republican candidate for President.

The July 4 article cites the Muslim celebration of the ending of Ramadan (that occurs on July 6!), that espouses the end of a month of fasting, “a tradition many religions observe… as a form of worship.” Fasting is in fact not “worship,” and is also observed in certain Christian religions.

In the 872 word article, 556 words are dedicated to fasting. The remaining 291 words attempt to apologize for Islamic terrorism with a specific criticism of Trump. That he has “encouraged suspicion of Muslims, monitoring of mosques and banning immigrants … in the wake of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando, Florida.”

While stating that the belief of peace loving Muslims is that they do not condone and are critical of Islamic terrorists, the article does not explain why certain Muslims believe that terrorist incidents are supported by the Koran.

The article does not admit that Sharia Islamic law is subordinated to the Constitution and laws of the United States. That Sharia Islamic law unambiguously specifies a war against infidels — people who does not believe in the teachings in the Koran. “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, and seize them, Beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war…” (Qur’an 9:5).

Further, the article does not admit that Islam universally condemns homosexuals and that women are culturally subordinated to men in all countries where Islam is the major religion. That there is a pervading sense in the world and the United States on this fourth of July 2016 that Islamic terrorism is not acknowledged by Obama, in the oblique rational of “political correctness,” as a threat to our national security.

The article does not dismiss the charge that those who are legitimately concerned with Islamic terrorism are condemned by Muslim advocates as being “Islamophobic.”

The SLO Tribunes article celebrating Islam on this 4th of July is a disparagement of the day’s celebration of the nation’s founding and, ironically, the Constitution and laws of the United States. A country where religious intolerance is condemned and the free practice of religious diversity is condoned including Islam. And where the Korans hostility against non believers is not sustained and exploited by Islamic terrorist groups.


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The mid-east violence today is a perfect example of why Monotheism always leads to civic violence worldwide.

The TT is useless.

Most of the articles are taken from he AP. If you go to their online paper, just highlight most articles, right click to copy and put in your browser. You’ll find pretty much every news agency in the nation has the same story.

Most articles written locally are designed to promote a person or cause. I have never found anything newsworthy in the Tribune.

I rely on Cal Coast for investigative journalism, agency and government websites for their news, and KSBY for breaking local news.

In my opinion the Tribune like most media are liberal and promote extreme left views.

Would someone please tell me why they still read the Tribune — at least on anything resembling a regular basis? If you stop paying attention to their propaganda rag, it will go under that much sooner. (I gave up on it more than a decade ago and I am a moderate, not a conservative as many of you would describe yourselves here.)

The TT is toast. It’s a wretched rag and no self respecting advertiser will support it. Go away.

The Editor of the Tribune needs to explain why the Tribune on the 4th of July had nothing but a major story on the Muslim religion and Ramadan on their printed front page.

I looked at the front pages of other California newspapers, all of which carried something about Independence Day on their front page–Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, Santa Maria times, Santa Barbara Whatever, Salinas Whatever, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Bakersfield Californian.

None of these newspapers carried a Muslim/Ramadan story on Independence Day.

If Sandra Duerr, as Editor of the Tribune, is anti-American, then she needs to own it, and we in the County who will not put up with a blatant Anti-American newspaper editor should call for her resignation.

If this was a mistake, then she needs to explain–didn’t know it was the 4th of July, didn’t pay attention to when the Ramadan story was published, out of town, visiting ISIS fighters in Syria, whatever.

Honestly…you’re all a bunch of hypocritical bigots.

First of all…for as much whining as you do on the Trib, I constantly see the Trib stories being quoted or reprinted on this website on an almost daily basis. You condemn them and yet you get into bed with them…?

Next, would you have had the same uproar if their story had been about any religious activity/holiday OTHER than Muslim? Don;’t answer, the postings on here answer that question.

Bottom line is: they can print whatever they please whether you like it or not.

What I keep questioning is…”If you all hate on the Trib SO much, why do you keep going back to it time and time again? They exercise their freedom of speech on Independence Day and YOU don’t like it?

Here’s a tissue, go cry me a river.

Like many others in the country, Im damn tired of sob’s like your calling anybody who doesn’t prescribe to your mindset, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe a racist, a this, a that and every other phobe you yellow bellies can come up with. Your whining is that of a A’holephobe. Like you said its freedom of speech and freedom of the press, so put that in your bung and smoke on it. Far as the trib goes its a waste of time arguing about it like much else that goes on in this county.

Well one might think of you as a bigot if you say or defend bigoted positions. Toss in a few generalities,question their patriotism or manhood, and you got it made.

Sorry yellow bellied SOB’s like me (and Miles) are just that way I guess. You have your freedom of speech, but you also want it without any consequences.

And you talk about whining. Why can’t we say racist things without repercussion….whaaaaaaaaaaa.

I don’t waste my time with the stateside “news” media these days. Basically they are the governments watch dog. They make sure any wrong doing by our leaders or our nations governmental agencies gets sanitized. They are worse than the old USSR Pravda because they are willing true believers and don’t need much direction. The entire federal government is on the move to gain as much power as they can over the citizenry. We can’t trust the IRS, EPA, FBI, ATF, FCC, ect or anything coming from the White House and the halls of congress. The Tribune is on it’s last leg and they are so unimportant and insignificant as to be laughable at best. They do what many leftist seem to enjoy doing and that is sticking their finger in the eye of patriotic conservative Americans. It’s how today’s leftist get their jollies. Don’t get mad….get even! Vote for Trump!

I think you might mean they are “government propagandists” (not watchdogs).

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I think we all know the sad state of affairs that is the SLO Telegram-Tribune.

Sadly, a once-proud newspaper has seen brighter days, and their editors have been afflicted with the ‘political correctness’ virus which is leading many to disregard the traditional press.

The TT editors probably spent their 4th of July weekend with the likes of Adam Hill, Caren Ray and Bruce Gibson, a little strategy session on how to spin the latest scandal and squeeze through their special-interest agenda.

Just saying,

The Truth

Hold everything!! The r-e-a-l reason the Trib had a full page story about Islam on our

country’s birthday is that they believe the next place they will need to print their wonderful

hamster cage material will be (pause for effect) – Baghdad, Irag or maybe Damascus, Syria.

Those in the know, know that they stopped printing in SLO over a year ago, went to Fresno – that is why much of what you read in the Trib is 2 – 3 days old news (also they have next to zero coverage of America’s pastime – baseball) – now they have been “kicked out of Fresno”

and will start printing in Santa Maria in a few weeks.

So, putting all of this together can only mean that they want to ‘kiss’ up to the most likely

next place they will have to use to print their rag. Can you just imagine how current the articles will be then???

And DESPITE all of your unfounded complaints you still read The Trib?

Sucker for punishment or what?

Yep, probably am a sucker for punishment – but I have yet to figure out what to do for those about 2 minutes in the morning while my coffee is brewing. And I read r-e-a-l slow.

I disagree on one point Paso, ITs not even Hamster cage material, because you would first have to spend your .50 to buy it! Not worth even buying it for the Hamster cage!!

LOL! It has been a while since you bought the Tribulation. Hasn’t it been $1 for quite some time?