Was the Diablo desal an election scam?

July 15, 2016
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


About the time that 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill indicated he would be running for a third term, he and PG&E staff from the Diablo nuclear power plant collaborated over lunch at his home to sell desalinated water to South County. On August 28, 2015, under threat of an emergency, the board of supervisors approved $300,000 from Flood Control Reserves to fund a feasibility study of the details in the Diablo proposal.

While he was advocating for large sums for the South County feasibility study, Hill was also demanding that the Paso Robles Basin be cut out of the Flood Control District management and budget and made part of a special district supported by his donors, the Resnicks of recent Justin Vineyard oak desecration fame.

On March 22, based on the feasibility study and promises from PG&E that desal would continue even if the plant shut down, Hill sold the board on allocating $900,000 from the Flood Control District to explore doing a deal with Diablo.

Hill then touted, as one of his greatest accomplishments, his ability to bring more water to South County through his relationship with PG&E.

Although they must have known for weeks or months, PG&E waited until after Adam Hill got through the June 7 primary election to announce the Diablo nuclear plant would be shutting down in 2025 and that PG&E would be breaking its promise to continue with the desal project.

Just days after the announcement, an Adam Hill insider told me what many had long suspected: the Diablo desal deal was never planned to happen, and never anything more than an election scam.

Adam Hill and PG&E not only conned their community out of nearly $1.5 million, but diverted valuable staff intellect and time from the very critical solutions their customers and constituents so desperately need. They effectively hijacked our water, both North and South County, during 18 months of critical shortages to further their own agendas. And while our water supplies dwindled, our electricity company and elected representative stole from us the very resources we needed to solve our problem.

Debbie Peterson is the former mayor of Grover Beach.

what the

Where does the County’s responsibility for Adam Hill’s constant pillaging and plundering begin? Dow? Parkinson? Maybe outside agencies? Anyone? Really?


You mention two people that are in Hill’s pocket, Dow and Parkinson, outside agencies are the only hope for any real investigation.


I hate to tell you I told you so.


Me too, yet…I told them so and anyone else who might listen.

In my letter to the BOS in March I asked, “Is this simply a campaign ploy to paint Supervisor Hill as some sort of hero bringing a perceived solution to the south county’s water shortage concerns?” But that was only after I had said, “This is an election scam” at the August 2015 BOS. In between those two meetings I dug up information that revealed Diablo had not provided the permits to the county to prove they were even authorized to expand their desal facility, let alone operate into the future.

I’m sickened by the waste of taxpayer funds that were spent pursuing this farce and suggest Adam’s campaign fund repay the county coffers. I’m also troubled by how much staff time was spent by the Zone 3 member agencies on it. Each entity sent staff to sit through meetings and run their own numbers; all in an effort to make the drop in the bucket (500afy) appear to be feasible and make Adam look the hero.

The project penciled alright…to the hefty tune of $37 million. It was ‘technically’ feasible, it just wasn’t a good use of the people’s money. If the south county is ready spend that kind of dough put it into recycling and stop dumping from the four (AG, GB, Pismo and Oceano) communities sewer plants into the ocean.


I was just being sarcastic. I really like to say I told you so.


I wasn’t. I don’t like watching government waste money even though I’m telling them it’s wrong.


I’m afraid the mere existence of Adam is and of itself a SCAM. His history will prove me right.


The roaches aint going to scatter til we shine the light on them.

The light switch is here: http://calcoastnews.com/2016/07/calcoastnews-turns-gofundme-legal-defense-fund/


Wow, I just checked that GoFundMe this morning, and by this afternoon grew over $1,000. I only hope the silly little “Snarky Shit Stirrer” comment will encourage others to donate even more.

(quote, mod delete this part if you’d like):


Snarky Shit Stirrer

3:17pm on 15 July 2016

I put in five since that’s the minimum amount. Definitely worth it for this chance! Here’s my 2 cents (which is all I wanted to chip in) Put your daughter to work on BackPage. That should bring in $50 a night from ten Mexicans. Beg for forgiveness or just suck his dick. Stop drinking, that saves $15 a day you can use to pay your pocket money lawyer with. Stop libeling people if you can’t afford to defend talking shit. Ask Jeffy the Groomer to donate. If all else fails, shoot yourself and use the insurance money. Will be watching with a glint in my eye of glee watching your booze addled face during the trial…

THAT is what Adam Hill and his sycophants represent.

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The “Snarky Shit Stirrer is Adam Hill troll Bill Leys. He owns a local waterproofing company who is known to steal $800 deposits given by customers. (See Yelp review.)


His wife, Dianne Standley, a local agent from REMAX, pays his bills and supports Bill’s trolling for Adam. Sick crew.

what the

Bill Leys is a perfect reflection of Adam Hill. Birds of a feather.

the situation

Definitely Bill Leys, would recognize that profanity laced tirade anywhere. He is a “waterproofer” and deck restorer. He claims to charge $500 or less for any job. He charges $500 or less because he is unlicensed to do such work, and by law cannot charge more than $500. I can’t imagine that anybody would use him given his propensity of lashing out on social media with some of the most foul profanity I have seen in quite some time. Can you imagine what this guy would be like if you met him in person?

Mr. Holly

Adam Hill again? How does he continually get away with pulling things like this off? Where were the other members of the Board of Supervisors and county staff while this was going on? It seems like Hill, Jones and Shoals are running the PG&E and SLO County show. Is Adam Hill and friends really this good at conning everyone else who are suppose to support and protect us from these government rip offs?

If the people of the 3rd District re-elect Hill along with the baggage that he brings with him it may eventually lead San Luis Obispo to not being the nicest place to live.


Re: “If the people of the 3rd District re-elect Hill along with the baggage that he brings with him it may eventually lead San Luis Obispo to not being the nicest place to live.”

SLO City’s individual charm is in fact in a state of decline and becoming increasingly more bland with every mom-and-pop store being replaced with box chains. Unique shops are becoming fewer and fewer. Perhaps the resurrection of the Motel Inn, the first motel in the world, will save some face when it opens for business. Otherwise SLO really has very few attractions in itself. Madonna Inn? Hiking Bishop Peak? Visiting the historical Mission? Other than partying at drinking establishments, well familiar to Hill and his friends, that’s it. The motels are great for Poly graduations and functions in town, but I refer all my friends to plant themselves in a room on the coast where an ocean view can be enjoyed right outside their window.

Mr. Holly

It appears that all of the local governments are throwing its citizens under the bus and have decided to cater to the tourist. Currently there is this big push underway to grow the tourism business with only one idea in place and that’s for the money. By promoting this tourism the local governments and the receptors of the money, mostly hotels, are going after the big bed tax. Where does all of the money go? As a property tax payer has your lifestyle improved? Can you drive thru Pismo Beach, SLO, Avila Beach or Paso Robles on a weekend and avoid traffic or find a parking spot? But don’t worry, SLOCOG will fix it all with their intended 1/2 cent sales tax increase. Yes they want us to pay for the infratsructure for the tourists. Although their answer to that is that the tourist will pay most of the sales tax although we live here 365 days out of the year and are not just passing thru.


This article ought to rouse Adam from his cave and make wild threats/accusations.


Already done. Check out the GoFundMe page for CCN’s legal defense…

Just when I think those associated with Hill (and Adam himself) could not become any smaller…


Mrs. Peterson,

Your personal demeanor and dignified affect always seemed like the fresh alternative to the jaded hackery and postured glad-handing of so many others who hold or aspire to hold county offices.

Because you are a person who has served, and sought to further serve the public trust, and because what you’re putting forth rises to the level of illegality, I ask you to once again prioritize the best interests of those you sought to serve and name this “Adam Hill insider” you’ve paraphrased here.

The probative value of the claim outweighs the confidentiality of the source — especially considering that this source made this claim to you instead of the media or the proper authoritative body. This situation is, simply put, more important than some campaign staffer’s future employment.

Please, in the public interest, tell the truth

of this matter and let the pieces fall where they may.


Hell no, do not publicly disclose SHIT. If this is even ½ true, get it to a State or Federal Agency ASAP. Do not handle it “in house” (in the county).


Hi Adam. Do you think you can threaten Debbie with jail? This is, not yet anyway, New Jersey.

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Investigate Adam Hill and his corrupt lot of lawyers and thieves.


Remember, Hill started out as a progressive liberal, probably still thinks himself one; as such, liberals always give away their weakness: they accuse others of it.

So his weaknesses are likely: his family, his vices, and his racism (elitism?). Gently push those buttons, and he will likely self-destruct (unless he has adult supervision to stop him). It is exactly what he tries to do to others when he is scared. A significant tell, in my book.


Liberals may have weaknesses, so do conservatives. You do a great disservice with your comment. Maybe the 3rd wants a liberal or moderate other than Lenthall or Waage, both great people with a long history of community leadership. If you oppose Adam Hill only because he his a liberal (he is not, he is a hypocrite and criminal) then you are an enabler. I would then vote for Hill over Carpenter like I would Peterson over Carpenter. I won’t, but those who read your post but don’t agree with your views will. Adam Hill is and has been unfit to serve regardless of political inclination.

Rich in MB

Always follow the money!

What firm and what people were awarded the contract to study this project?

You don’t “waste” 1.5Million dollars of tax payer money Debbie, it was spend on his political connected friends, come one, we are all smart enough to know how the game works. Hill gets consultant money for his buddies…he buddies then give him campaign cash in return. It’s how politics works in this County and my hypothesis is that Cal Coast News needs to dig into just where that 1.5Million dollars actually went….bingo!