Arroyo Grande teacher accused of having sex with a student

August 17, 2016

Tara Stumph

An Arroyo Grande teacher was charged Tuesday with allegedly having sex with a student.

Prosecutors charged Tara Stumph, 36, with five offenses — intercourse with a minor, oral copulation of a minor and three counts of misdemeanor child molestation. The molestation allegedly occurred between Dec. 2014 and Dec. 2015, and the sexual acts took place in June 2015, according to the criminal complaint.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed the charges against Stumph more than eight months after law enforcement received a complaint about her alleged sexual relationship with a minor. [KSBY]

On Dec. 4, a school administrators informed the Arroyo Grande Police Department that they had received information that Stumph had engaged in sexual acts with an underage student.

Shortly after receiving the tip, school administrators placed Stumph on administrative leave. Lucia Mar officials recently said Stumph is no longer employed by the school district.

While at Arroyo Grande High School, Stumph taught culinary arts. In 2013, Stumph was named regional occupation program teacher of the year.

Stumph is married to a fireman and has multiple children.


when one speaks of equality, one speaks volumes.

This is one that, for the sake of equality being rammed down the collective throats, must be sent to prison.

otherwise you’re admitting to the difference that is rallying hard to be made a non-difference, as in, you suddenly are forced into reconciling and admitting the genders are unequal, and require DIFFERENT treatment.

If I see her in public, I’ll attack her with the same viciousness as a prisoner would reserve for male child molesters. That would be with the intent to seriously maim this monster.

And I’d have no problem with that.

because, after all, we’re “equal”, right?

Josey Wales


If I was young again, I’d take her class!

Just saying,


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