Atascadero council race takes shape

August 12, 2016
Roberta Fonzi

Roberta Fonzi

One incumbent and four challengers are competing for a total of two Atascadero City Council seats in the November election. Councilwoman Roberta Fonzi is running for reelection, while Councilman Bob Kelley has opted not to seek another term in office.

Bob Kelley

Bob Kelley

Both Fonzi and Kelley have served on the city council since 2008. Kelley released a statement saying he is stepping down from the council with pride in his accomplishments but with concerns about the financial future of the city.

Fonzi, a real estate agent, is joined in the current council race by city planning commissioner Charles Bourbeau, attorney Adam Daner, healthcare professional Daniel Eister and former council candidate Bret Heinemann.

Charles Bourbeau

Charles Bourbeau

Bourbeau, who is retired from a career in the California National Guard, previously served a brief stint on the Atascadero council. Bourbeau was appointed to the council in April 1987 and served as a councilman through 1988.

After leaving the National Guard, Bourbeau worked for a year as the city of San Luis Obispo’s finance director. He resigned in December 2012, citing health problems. Bourbeau joined the Atascadero Planning Commission in Jan. 2015.

Adam Daner

Adam Daner

Daner has operated an Atascadero law practice since 1994. His areas of practice include business planning, estate planning, construction and real property.

Daner has coached football at Atascadero High School and has served on several nonprofit boards, including one that works with the Charles Paddock Zoo. Daner has also served as general counsel and vice president for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce.

Eister has launched a campaign Facebook page describing himself as a local healthcare professional.

Heinemann has run multiple times for an Atascadero council seat, but has yet to win. Heinemann previously described himself as an educator and writer.

Mayor Tom O’Malley has two challengers, Ann Ketcherside and Nick Mattson.

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Bourbeau’s “health problems” was stress. He was in way over his head in SLO.

I think I will stick with Thomas O’ Malley Cat. Those Mattson’s are quite the crew in Atown

Ann Ketcherside? Wow, what is this world coming to?

Just dump O’Malley and that will be a win for the City! He controls the Council and the City Staff. I have heard some of table lunches and he and his little pac talk very confidently and open in public. Some of the comments have been disgusting, at best!

I’m sorry to hear that Bob Kelley won’t be running again. Too bad Fonzi isn’t hanging up her hat instead. Daner could be okay. That city council needs someone who is practical and level headed, and isn’t just there to carry out plans set forth by the rich and famous in town.