Teen Templeton home invasion suspect, nabbed for burglary

August 5, 2016
A photo of Levi Mattson caught on a security camera in May

A photo of Levi Mattson caught on a security camera in May

One of the teens, now being tried as an adult for a Templeton Home invasion, was identified by multiple CCN readers as a one of two burglars who robbed an Atascadero home in May. Levi Mattson, 16, of Atascadero has been charged for crimes related to the home invasion and the home burglary.

Last week, Atascadero police publicized videos of a May 28 home burglary and a July 29 burglary of the El Camino Liquor store. Shortly after CCN posted the videos, police received information leading to the arrests of the two teens who broke into the home and the identity of the liquor store burglar. Police are still searching for the adult suspect of the liquor store burglary.

On July 28, five teens allegedly broke into a Templeton home where a group of local high school students, mostly from Mission Prep, were having a party. The suspects had attended the party earlier, left to plan the robbery and returned dressed in all black with bandannas covering their faces.

The suspects fired shots in the air, assaulted two males and ordered everyone to the floor, according to a sheriff’s department press release. The suspects proceeded to rob several victims of their cell phones and wallets before they fled in their vehicle as well as two of the victim’s vehicles, a white BMW and a white Chevy pickup truck.

Within two days of the home invasion, deputies arrested all five teens on numerous charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, robbery in an inhabited dwelling, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, conspiracy to commit robbery, discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner and an enhancement for use of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony.

The five teens, Donovan Alvord, 19, Albert Heinicke, 18, Levi Mattson, 17, Marshal Kaplan, 17, and Wyatt Warnars, 16, have all pleaded not guilty. The teens are scheduled to return to court in September for a pre-preliminary hearing.

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And the good news is . . . .

The annual Darwin Awards are taking applications. I think we have some local winners here!

You have got to be kidding me. They go to a party and return later and rob everyone??? This hits about 9 and a half on the stupid scale. These guys are so stupid it makes them extremely dangerous. It boggles the mind to consider just how many stupid choices this gang that couldn’t shoot straight made in one night. They’ve pickled their brains and now they can’t think straight.

Their parents must be so proud. While some kids are busy worring about what schools to continue in, this group has chosen the school of hard knocks.


You not only report stories like this it seems the police know you will work with them to catch the jerks. This is how neighborhood watches are to work and CCN is a great neighbor who watches out for all of us.

These filthy dirtbags need to receive every ounce of punishment and sentencing the law will allow. A home invasion and discharge of a firearm during the commission of such crime, they should all be taking the proverbial dirt nap for this one. Perhaps this community should get started with a strong letter writing campaign to the Court as their prosecution progresses.

I think kids of today, committing felonies should have their names, ages, schools and pictures posted in the press. These thugs are not “kids” doing a prank, these are dangerous thugs, well educated, obviously from privileges backgrounds and certainly have been taught better and should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.

Mission School is certainly have a tough time this summer!

I agree…publish their names, photos, schools, etc. No where in the article does it say the “thugs” who committed the crimes were students at Mission. They are all looking at a lot of time behind bars with all those charges.

SLOBIRD, no where in the article does it say the suspects are from Mission, several of the victims apparently went to Mission.

“…where a group of local high school students, mostly from Mission Prep, were having a party. The suspects had attended the party earlier…” so, slobluesfan and cmbrian both think that while they attended, none of the five were from Mission School. Really, not one of the five…?

my bad…my being a curious cat, I looked all of them up on the Facebook (thank you CCN for all the names) and it doesn’t look like any of the 5 spent much time in ANY school, let alone Mission. Cruise over to the Facebook and see for yourself.

Good news! Publicize photos and let the public help identify wrongdoers.