Father receives year in prison for illegal campaign donations

August 18, 2016


An 83-year-old La Palma man was sentenced today to 12 months and a day in prison for making illegal campaign contributions to his son’s bid for U.S. Congress, according to acting U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert.

In 2010 and 2012, Babulal Bera’s son Amerish Babulal was a candidate for U.S. Congress. During both elections, the defendant made the maximum allowable individual contributions to his son’s campaign of $2,500. He then solicited friends, family members and acquaintances to make contributions, which he reimbursed with his own funds in violation of campaign finance laws.

Amerish Babulal, a Democrat, won the 2012 election for U.S. Congress District 7 in California and also reelection in 2014.

During the 2010 and 2012 elections, Babulal Bera facilitated 130 improper campaign contributions totaling over $260,000 and involving approximately 90 contributors living in multiple states, according to court documents,

“Mr. Babulal Bera knew the law when it came to campaign contributions, but he tried to beat the system using straw donors,” said Monica Miller, special agent in charge of the FBI Sacramento field office.

Because of Babulal Bera’s advanced age and associated health issues, the court imposed the sentence recommended by prosecutors.

Nevertheless, the court said the defendant’s conduct was “calculated,” and “cuts to the heart of the integrity we expect of elections.”

“The District Court gave thorough and thoughtful consideration to the arguments of both parties in imposing sentence,” said U.S. Attorney Talbert. “That sentence, which is significant given this defendant’s age, sends a clear message that campaign finance crimes are serious offenses that will result in real consequences.”

This case was the product of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Assistant United States Attorneys John K. Vincent and Philip A. Ferrari, and Department of Justice Public Integrity Section Trial Attorney Richard Evans prosecuted the case.

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There should be campaign limitations on what paid to lawyers too. Since they are officers of the court, this process should be affordable to all. This will afford the election of the victor as judged by law, not by what equates to be the contributions of money. Currently, big money or Gov can grossly violate law and say if you don’t like it just sue me.

Citizen’s United applauds this sentence.

I am shocked that a democrat got actual time for this. I thought only republicans or non-democrats got busted for these “heinous” violations of… competition against PACs and Unions.

Well, color me impressed. I guess if you aren’t paying off the Clinton cartel, you get busted… and audited.

The Organized Crime bosses of the Public Sector Unions being in bed with law enforcement isn’t a conflict of interest?????

You really have a chip on your shoulder with the unions, should see someone about that.

So, Corporations can make unlimited campaign donation and it is fine but a father goes to jail for supporting his son’s campaign!

Yes, apparently, that is the law. Statistically speaking, one political party in this country is more prone to violating laws that they don’t agree with, instead of working to change said laws.

And the other party changes the laws so that 1) foreign corporations can contribute as much as they want to them and 2) members of the other party find it more difficult to vote.

And some in a party sell direct access to foreign GOVERNMENTS while holding office. They actually defend this practice because they know how idiotic their typical blathering supporters are.

“And some in a party sell direct access to” Like the GOP ? Yep.

“how idiotic their typical blathering supporters are.” Yes like the party of trump, the gop candidate with its racist, sexist, reduce tax for the rich etc.

The conservatives in America have abdicated and have no legs left to stand upon.

Why is it always people we have never heard of that gets busted for campaign fraud? When are the big names going to be brought to justice?

drum roll please….AND WHY isn’t Hillary Clinton going to serve time for the things she has done in rigging nominations, funneling money to the Clinton Foundation while serving as Sec. of State?? The only thing that shocked me was that his was a democrat candidate!

For the same reason Bush’s got away, corruption crosses all party lines.

But you can pretend it’s just the dems if that is your kink.

I’ll feel a lot safer once they lock this guy away.

Nice start. Now the FBI should …. must go after the dead people vote and those who vote more than once.

So many ways now to ruin our voting process.

And why? So a corrupt, power-crazy Globalist can control our country?

I feel like I must walk my vote from start to finish.

“corrupt, power-crazy Globalist” I know right, Trumps buddy with all of the Putin cash and he wants to lower taxes on the rich multinationals who are the real “profit-crazy Globalist’s”.

What’s up with that?