Heidi Harmon challenges Marx in SLO mayoral race

August 9, 2016


Environmental activist Heidi Harmon is planning on challenging fellow Democrat San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx in the November election. Marx has held the mayoral seat since 2010.

Harmon describes herself as an experienced community organizer, climate change activist and public speaker. In 2014, she ran for State Assembly against incumbent Katcho Achadjian. Harmon received 37 percent of the vote in the general election.1689926_10207520592945624_2225824671678027612_n

More recently, Harmon was a Bernie Sanders supporter who rode in a cross-county caravan to the Democratic National Convention. She attended the DNC as a delegate.

Since Hillary Clinton beat out Sanders for the Democratic nomination, Harmon has taken the stance, “We can’t let a climate-denying racist into the White House next year.” Harmon also urges Democrats to get “climate serious.”

On Monday, Harmon told KCBX that she agrees with Marx on many issues but believes she has a different style than the mayor. Harmon said she had initially ruled out running for the mayoral seat, but others persuaded her to put her name on the ballot.

Artisan and frequent mayoral candidate, Donald Hedrick, is also expected to join the race. Hedrick received 5.2 percent of the vote in 2014.

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Heidi isn’t Jan Marx. She gets my vote and a contribution. Heidi is honest and ethical. I’ll fight against her left wing leanings another day. She opposes rental inspections and crony politics.

Jan, out!

It is about time for a changing of the old establishment, Jan has long been a pain in the A?? for our community, she does not have the fortitude to take on anyone, when she quit as a DDA she she told me she ” Felt scared of the criminals behind her ” even if they were Innocent.

We need to clean house city and county wide, the good ole boy/gal network no longer works too much corruption and quip quo pro going on. I vote for anyone who is challenging any incumbents.

Dan you have my vote as well as Heidi and others we veterans are no longer supporting the corruption in power. I vote them all out…..

SLO government reminds me of the Corruption of the cities of Bell, Beaumont, Oakland, San Fransisco, Fresno, Bakersfield, King City and over 59 other communities now facing corruption investigations. As my faith tells us “Shed Light unto Darkness and Evil” expose the wrongs of the corrupt power of corrupt people

The SLO norm certainly has changed and with that better shopping for girls.

Jan Marx II. Just another dilettante seeking attention and power.

Personal attacks deleted, further anonymous attacks and shaming attempts will be at the cost of your account.

Maybe I’m not reading things correctly, but it sure seems CCN allows an endless stream of personal attacks on Adam Hill. What am I missing?

“What am I missing?” The deleted comments and context, including plenty of deleted ones about AH.

“AH” = AssHole?

The real question here is this…

Will her trash cans be kept out of sight???