Political elites on both sides need to go

August 6, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed


This election, both nationally and locally, has highlighted a stark divide in our country between those who are deeply entrenched in the political establishment and those with a vision who are working to bring true representation back to the people of our nation.

What this year’s Democratic National Convention has made clear is that the system is rigged in favor of those of whom are entrenched in the insider system, the political elite who offer nothing more than failed policies and recycled ideas. The “democratic” establishment and the career politicians within our own community continuously back other political insiders, like Hillary Clinton and my opponent Salud Carbajal, who place their own self-interests and the establishment above the people.

It is necessary that our community and nation stand with the visionaries and the candidates who are willing to work twice has hard to implement new and long-range policies that will strengthen our future. This is no longer simply a battle between Republicans and Democrats, but a battle between those who do everything to perpetuate a rigged system and those who do everything to ensure that the voices of this nation are heard.

The people of our country have shown that they are tired of the corruption and are ready to reform the institutions our democracy depends upon. Now, we must work to see this through. As your representative, I will help lead this fight to bring true representation back to the people and to get Washington working for the future of our nation.

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Pandering 101. Mr. Fareed spends four paragraphs saying absolutely nothing original but instead attempting to capitalize on the general mood of discontent with party elite on both sides. Mr. Fareed strikes me as someone who will quickly strive to become part of the same party elite if elected.

Indeed. However, what I am tired of is getting a limp candidate when the opponent is even worse. I am really getting tired of picking the lesser of two evils.

While Fareed doesn’t do jack squat for me, his opponent has me even more concerned (the guy who used to lead with “Endorsed by Lois Capps” – I’m not seeing that as much now). I’ll be checking out the “other” parties all UP and DOWN the ticket this year…

Nothing more that another attempt a political Hocus Pocus…don’t buy it! Snake oil is more effective.

Mama’s boy with Daddy’s pay check.

You and DJT need to go away.

Fire Adam Hill.

Thanks for putting your opinion on this issue out there Mr. Fareed. I tend to agree with your comments as far as they go. However . . .

How are you any different among Republicans than Mr. Carbajal is with the Democrats?

Were you not the recipient of the greatest amount of outside funding (including national Republican party sources) of the Republicans running in the primary?

Do you not see how that might make someone suspicious that you would likely be as much a GOP tool as Carbajal would be a Democrat machine cog?

It is a very sad comment on the American electorate that we are so strongly swayed by political advertising but that continues to be the general case as one looks at election results and the funding of campaigns. This means that to be elected, one has to basically get ad money by making promises to people/companies that have it. They usually expect favors (or more) in return. Who are you going to owe for your campaign funds?

(The fact that a relatively donation-free candidate is a contender for the Presidency is offset by his own wealth and his ability to get free publicity. And he is living proof that P.T. Barnum was right.)

Mr Fareed, you are playing the game too. You are just playing in the major league ballpark.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

With all due respect, it is hard to take this ‘opinion’ piece by candidate Justin Fareed seriously.

Justin Fareed talks of wanting to represent average people, but if you look at who donates to his perpetual campaigns, it is from out-of-district corporate interests. Exactly 80% came from people living outside his Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo district, and nearly $200,000 has come from donors with ties to two of the state’s largest nursing home operators. Sad.

While Fareed paints Salud Carvajal as an insider, at least Carvajal stood up to the corporate interests who polluted the coastline and dumped oil into the ocean. While Carbajal’s Democrat party is far from clean, I think it can be said that members of both major parties have too often disregarded the interests of common folks in favor of their special-interests donors.

I wonder if Mr. Fareed will stand up to his special-interest nursing home operators if an issue like patient privacy or patient advocacy issues came before the Congress? I recommend people google search the story in the LA Times which explores Justin Fareed’s connections to a Southern California nursing home operator who seeks to influence Congress into passing lax regulations on their nursing homes.

Can Justin Fareed CREDIBLY claim to represent average people?

Just wondering,


He Absolutely Can…he isn’t a bought and paid for party insider like Salud Carvajal….

doesn’t matter if it is red or blue. my PhD. is in political science.no science necessary. i have to hold my tongue. i don’t like the sandbox but we have never stepped out it . i have a nice place in n/w Wyoming. I like the moose better. f highschool


yes, huh. people tend to be self-serving. i’ll go out and talk to Bullwinkle when i need sanity. sorry to confuse you.

“The “democratic” establishment and the career politicians within our own community continuously back other political insiders — who place their own self-interests and the establishment above the people.”

This is not only among the Democratic Party. It’s very clear and evident that it goes on here in San Luis Obispo County. Arroyo Grande, Atascadero are especially good old boy orientated and if you are not accepted by the folks currently in place it’s very difficult to break into the club.

It will be very interesting to see how the local politicians who have spoken out against the SLOCOG sales tax intitiative will either support their cronies or will stand up for what they purport to speak out about which is no new taxes. This will be a real show of character or lack of.

No More Taxes…for the love of Pete…we are taxed to death already!

Well said Justin.

The American People have come to know the truth that there are not two parties in control of government, there is one party and it is the Establishment Party. The old team sport nature of R vs D has failed us and it’s time we get back to electing honest, people that understand the Constitution on either side of the Isle and not controlled by the Party Machine.